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Unit of study table (Table A)

Achievement of a specialisation in Accounting requires completion of:
(a) 6 credit points of foundational units of study in the same area as the specialisation; and*
(b) 24 credit points of Accounting specialisation area units of study comprising:
(i) 6 credit points of Accounting core units of study; and
(ii) 18 credit points of Accounting selective units of study.
Students completing this specialisation to meet the requirements for the Master of Commerce or as their compulsory specialisation for the Master of Commerce (Extension) must complete a 6 credit point capstone unit related to the specialisation.
Students completing this specialisation as an optional second specialisation for the Master of Commerce (Extension) do not need to complete this capstone unit.


Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition

Table A - Foundational units of study*

* Note. Foundational units count towards both the foundational units of study for the course and the specialisation.
Foundation in Accounting

Table A - Accounting

Core units of study
Managerial Accounting and Decision Making
6 P ACCT5001
N ACCT5002
Selective units of study
Financial Reporting and Analysis
6 P ACCT5001
International Accounting
6 A Accounting standards and their application
P ACCT5001
Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investment
6 A QBUS5001 or QBUS5002
P ACCT5001 and (FINC5001 or BUSS5514)
Contemporary Issues in Auditing
6 P ACCT6001
Financial Reporting for Business Groups
6 P ACCT6001
Contemporary Technologies in Accounting
6 P ACCT5001
Extended Performance Reporting
6 P ACCT5001