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Music Technology

Unit of study table

Music Technology core requirements apply to students undertaking the following courses. Specific requirements are listed in the relevant enrolment pattern.
(a) BMusic (Composition for Creative Industries program)
(b) BMusic (Digital Music and Media program)
(c) Diploma of Music (Composition for Creative Industries program)
(d) Diploma of Music (Digital Music and Media program)
(e) BMusic (Performance) in Drum set principal study and Non-Western principal study
(f) BMusic/BAdvanced Studies (Performance) in Drum set principal study and Non-Western principal study.


Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites
C: Corequisites N: Prohibition

Music Technology units

Music Technology units are also available as electives in all BMusic and Diploma of Music courses.
Creative Music Technology
Sound and Video Recording Fundamentals
Sound Recording Advanced
3 A Proficiency in an industry standard DAW and the ability to understand basic microphone and recording techniques
P CMPN2006 or CMPN1014
Electroacoustic Music
6 A Proficiency in the usage of any industry standard DAW and attendant sound transformation and diffusion software
P MUED1002 or CMPN1013 or MUSC2653
Computer Music Fundamentals
6 P MUED1002 or CMPN1013 or MUSC2653
Interactive Media and Sound Installations
6 P CMPN1013 or MUSC2653
The unit makes use of interactive programming techniques and other technical skills taught in CMPN2631/2632. Enrolling concurrently in one of these subjects alongside CMPN3634 is recommended.
Writing Music for the Moving Image
6 P MUED1002 or CMPN1013 or MUSC2653 or MUED4002
Live Electronic Music Performance
6 A Students enrolling in this Unit of Study are expected to have previous experience with music technology, including recording and music creation software. Students will be expected to perform
P (CMPN1013 or MUED1002 or MUSC2653) and (MUSC3603 or CMPN1631 or CMPN1632 or CMPN3634 or CMPN2223)
Introduction to Digital Music Techniques
6 An ability to read music at a basic level and an understanding of fundamental musical terminology is an advantage in this unit of study.
Advanced Digital Music Techniques
6 P MUSC2653 or CMPN1013 or MUED1002