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CMPN1013: Creative Music Technology

In this unit of study students will be introduced to a range of music technologies and gain a basic proficiency in sound recording, editing and mixing. Students will learn to work with audio in a digital audio workstation, how to make good quality recordings with portable recording devices, and make use of these skills in service of a creative outcome. The unit will include an overview of software for notation/sequencing, as well as basic sound synthesis concepts. In the final assessment students will explore the creative possibilities of music technology by realising a sound work using either instrumental and/or environmental sound recorded and edited by them.

Code CMPN1013
Academic unit Composition and Music Technology
Credit points 3

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Evaluate the impact of past electronic works and genres, and discuss their relevance to current ways of creating
  • LO2. Reflect critically on creative practices and identify possible avenues for improvement in workflow and output
  • LO3. Demonstrate confidence in using software for recording, editing, and mixing, and apply knowledge gained to other software platforms previously unfamiliar
  • LO4. Collaborate with others to create original and innovative musical works
  • LO5. Utilise a range of creative editing techniques to compose original and innovative musical works