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About the major

The objective of the major in Economics is to equip students for the diverse range of careers which value the key skills of the discipline - understanding economic and social phenomena, analysing economic data, and exploring alternative choices in addressing key challenges. The major builds the training in economics incrementally. It addresses the essentials of the discipline early in the degree, which opens a wide range of choice at senior level. This allows students to shape concentrations in areas of interest – in macroeconomics, or in areas of applied economic policy.

Requirements for completion

The Economics major and minor requirements are listed in the Economics unit of study table.

Overlapping core units of study

An overlap in core units of study occurs with certain combinations of majors. For example, the core unit ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics is common to the Economics and Financial Economics majors. This situation also arises between the Economics major and majors offered by the Business School. For example, the 1000-level core unit in the Finance major (Business School), BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making, is equivalent to ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics. Bachelor of Economics students are required to complete the core units specified for the Bachelor of Economics rather than equivalent units offered by other faculties.

  • 1000 level: Up to two overlapping 1000-level core units may count towards the requirements of two majors. To make up the credit points for the overlapping unit(s), students must complete elective units as appropriate.
  • 2000 level: An overlapping 2000-level core unit cannot count towards the requirements of two majors. Students are required to substitute the overlapping core unit in one of the majors with a 2000- or 3000-level selective unit from the same major.

Advanced coursework

Advanced coursework is available to students enrolled in the final (fourth) year of a Bachelor of Advanced Studies combined degree. Requirements and units of study for advanced coursework in Economics can be found on the advanced coursework units of study page.


Honours in Economics may be undertaken in the final (fourth) year of the Bachelor of Advanced Studies combined degree or an appended honours degree such as the Bachelor of Economics (Honours). Further information is available on the Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Advanced Studies page

Admission criteria

Applicants are required to have:

  • completed a bachelor's degree with a minimum weighted average mark of 70 in an economics major;
  • a minimum weighted average mark of 70 in advanced units of study in microeconomic theory; macroeconomic theory; mathematical economics; and econometrics; and
  • evidence of support from the School of Economics Honours Coordinator (e.g., email correspondence).

Requirements for completion

Requirements and units of study for Honours can be found on the Economics honours units of study page.

Contacts and further information