Associate Professor Carl Feng
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Associate Professor Carl Feng

Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Immunology), Central Clinical School
+61 2 9351 6177
+61 2 8627 1608
Associate Professor Carl Feng

Our research is focused on the understanding of the mechanisms mediating host resistance to respiratory pathogens, with the goal of developing novel interventions for preventing and treating infectious diseases in humans. We investigate a range of basic aspects of innate and adaptive immune responses to Mycobacteriumtuberculosis and Influenza A virus in mice, from cytokine biology to immune regulation and tissue inflammation in the lungs. To understand the immunological basis of host control of the pathogens in humans, we are also extending our studies to examine the interplays betweenpathogen and host signalling pathways in human cells and to identify immune correlates of protection in infected human subjects through international collaborations.


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Selected Grants


  • 4th Australia-China Symposium on Immunity in Tuberculosis, Feng C, NSW Department of Industry/Research Attraction and Acceleration Program Conference Sponsorship


  • Deciphering how TCR affinity regulates CD4 T cell help in immunity and autoimmunity, Bertolino P, Feng C, Steptoe R, Bowen D, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Project Grants
  • Cellular Heterogeneity in Health, Aging and Disease, Rasko J, Simpson S, Long G, Britton W, Feng C, Wise S, Oliver B, DVC Research/Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 2020 (SREI)