Professor Parisa Aslani
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Professor Parisa Aslani

BPharm(Hons) MSc PhD G Cert Ed Stud (Higher Ed), MPS MRPharmS
Professor, Medicines Use Optimisation
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Professor Parisa Aslani

Professor Parisa Aslani, PhD, BPharm(Hons), MSc, G Cert Ed Stud (Higher Ed), is the Professor in Medicines Use Optimisation at the School of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney.

Professor Parisa Aslani holds a BPharm(Hons) (1990) from Kings College (University of London); MSc (in Pharmaceutics; 1995), PhD (in Pharmacy Practice; 2000) and Grad Cert Ed Stud (Higher Ed) (2001) from the University of Sydney. She has worked as a community pharmacist in the UK and Australia.

Professor Aslani has been a researcher and educator in the field of consumer medicine information and adherence for the past 20 years. She has received the University of Sydney’s prestigious Thompson Equity Fellowship (2013), which recognizes research excellence and aims to promote and enhance the career of academic women. She was awarded the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (UK) Pharmacy Research UK Award 2013, in recognition of a significant contribution to the field of pharmacy research.

Professor Aslani has a career total research funding of over $3,500,000; this includes a competitive tender (>$1 million, 2008) in the area of Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing managed through the Pharmacy Guild of Australia; and a recent (2017-2019) NHMRC grant on Question Prompt Lists for parents and carers of children with ADHD. She has over 110 research articles in peer-reviewed journals; 3 books and 1 book chapter; and over 170 presentations at international conferences.

Professor Parisa Aslani's research goal is to improve the quality use of medicines by patients/consumers through increased and appropriate disease and medicine information, informed shared decision making, and adherence to therapy; using pharmacists as the primary professionals delivering health services. Her research areas of fundamental significance: optimising medicines use in people through the use of consumer/patient-centred interventions which foster consumer/patient empowerment.

Professor Aslani’s research has impacted policy and education in the healthcare sector, and at the Commonwealth Government level, and has led to a global initiative on developing medicine information strategies for implementation at national and local levels.

Research areas:

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI):This encompasses consumer medicine information needs, access and use; development of programs to foster CMI use by health professionals and patients; development of effective and alternative forms of CMI, including labelling; interventions targeting the health and medicines literacy of patients and their carers.

Concordance and Patient Adherence:This area encompasses investigating consumer and pharmacist awareness of adherence to therapy; development of adherence monitoring and promoting services; investigating and promoting patient adherence to medications and treatment options.

Cognitive Pharmaceutical and Health Services:This area includes determining facilitators and motivators of pharmacy practice change; developing pharmacists’ role in delivering health services.


  • Unit of study coordinator for PHAR3826, Musculoskeletal, Dermatological and Special Senses Disorders
  • Coordinator for BPharm Third Year Communication
  • Coordinator for BPharm Third Year OSCEs

Primary teaching areas:

  • Communications and patient counselling and education
  • Medication adherence
  • Health literacy
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Integrated Dispensing Practice

PhD Supervision (primary supervisor)

  • Larisa Barnes
  • Tony Hsiu
  • Shukry Zawahir
  • Umair Khan

Associate Editor:

  • Health Expectations
  • Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Editorial Board Member:

  • International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy


  • Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association
  • International Federation of Pharmacists (FIP)- Fellow of FIP
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • Fellow of the International Federation of Pharmacists (2016)
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pharmacy Research UK (2013)- Research Excellence and Leadership Award.

  • Aslani P, McCaffery K, Ahmed R- The National Medicinewise Award for Excellence in Consumer Initiatives (Population Level) National Medicines Symposium, Brisbane (2014).
  • Pont L, Swain L, Wilcox K, Stirling J, Aslani P- The National Medicinewise Award for Excellence in Consumer Information, National Medicines Symposium, Brisbane (2014).
  • Hanrahan J, Krass I, Aslani P, Moles R, Sainsbury E, Fois R-Vice-Chancellor’s Award for “Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning”. University of Sydney , $10,000 (2013)
  • Sainsbury E, McLachlan A, Taylor S, Aslani P- Vice-Chancellor’s Award for “Outstanding Teaching”. University of Sydney (2001)
Project titleResearch student
Development of a dynamic model of patient health information seeking behaviourArdalan MIRZAEI

Selected publications

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Selected Grants


  • Asking the right questions about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children: a cluster randomized controlled trial, Aslani P, Kohn M, Silove N, Kelly P, Clarke S, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Project Grants


  • Qualitative study on consumer opinions of adverse events from medicines and medical devices and their reporting, Aslani P, Chen T, Fois R, Therapeutic Goods Administration/Research