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Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre

Improving the quality of care for people living with dementia
We aim to improve the lives of people with dementia by developing, communicating, and implementing research that improves care and quality of life.

About us 

The Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) is a collaborative multidisciplinary centre working on priority areas in dementia care to translate research into health and health systems improvement. CDPC is guided by a commitment of bringing together people with dementia and their carers with researchers, clinicians, health care organisations, and industry partners to increase the likelihood of translation of research into practice. 

Our research

The CDPC’s research program addresses areas of national interest with regards to improving care for people with dementia. CDPC examines these priority areas from the perspective of those receiving, delivering, managing and governing services across all settings where care is delivered including hospital, residential and the community.

The CDPC brings together information and develops new knowledge in the following areas:

  • Positive Care Environments and Quality of Life
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines 
  • Medication Management
  • Perceptions and Attitudes to Dementia
  • Planning, Decision-Making and Risk
  • Maintaining Functional Independence
  • Building a Sustainable Workforce
  • Care Service Pathways


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Professor Susan Kurrle
Professor Susan Kurrle
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