A forum for research in health governance
HealthGov is a network of international researchers, health professionals, regulators and policy makers.

About us

HealthGov is a multidiciplinary network of researchers, professionals, regulators and policy makers who colloborate to discuss research in health governance.

This network provides:

  • collaborative research across several disciplines
  • facilitating the internationalisation of research and international linkages
  • improving techniques of research design and management
    providing opportunities to network with other governance researchers and practitioners
  • improving communication of results to wide audiences
  • strengthening this research area and enhancing future viability.

HealthGov is a member of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (World Health Organization) and the Menzies Centre for Health Policy (University of Sydney).

HealthGov members attended the International Sociological Association Research Committee 52 Conference on ‘Professions and Society: Facing the challenges of marketisation, globalisation and digitalisation' held at the Social Sciences Campus, the University of Florence, 4-6 July, 2019.

Our research

Our current projects:

  • Strengthening oral health workforce governance: a qualitative-quantitative investigation of workforce integration approaches in England and Australia, NHMRC Sidney Sax Research Fellowship 2017-2021 (Balasubramanian M & Short S.)
  • Balasubramanian, M., Brennan, D., Short, S., Gallagher, J. (2019). A strife of interests: A qualitive study on the challenges facing oral health workforce policy and planning. Health Policy, 123(11), 1068-1075
  • Comparing care services in both Australia and Korea to improve patient safety: a Comprehensive Quality Improvement System for the Long-term Care Service Based on Infrastructure, Processes, and Outcomes Using a Comparative Study between Australia and Korea, National Research Foundation of Korea Research Support Grant, Korea 2017-2020 (Lee, HY., Chin, Y., Park, E., Short, SD. & Lee. MJ).
  • Improved governance of health workforce migration to Australia and Canada, ARC Discovery Project 2016-2018 (Hawthorne, L; Sampford, C., Short, SD., Breakey, H., Scott, A., Sweetman, L., McDonald, J)

Our people

  • Madhan Balasubramanian, The University of Adelaide
  • Professor Lesley Barclay
  • Professor Belinda Bennett
  • Dr Marie Bismark, The University of Melbourne
  • Professor Anthony Blinkhorn
  • Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc
  • Dr Melanie Boursnell
  • Anthony Brown, Health Consumers NSW
  • Dr John Buchanan
  • Professor Terry Carney
  • Professor Mary Chiarella
  • Associate Professor Fran Collyer
  • Professor John Connell
  • Professor Suresh Cuganesan
  • Dr Sarah Dennis
  • Dominic Diocera
  • Andrew Dix, NSW Medical Board
  • Associate Professor Paul Dugdale, Australian National University
  • Dr Katie Elkin, Health & Disability Commissioner
  • Dr Giselle Gallego
  • Dr James Gillespie
  • Margaret Grant, Chamberlains Law Firm 
  • Dr Gulin Fethiye Gedik, WHO
  • Michael Greco, Patient Opinion
  • Valentin Hadjiev, QUT
  • Dr Kirsten Harley
  • Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne
  • Associate Professor Judith Healy
  • Dr Anthony Hogan
  • Deborah Hyland, NSW Department of Health
  • Olivia Jakobs
  • Dr Greg Kesby
  • Jo Khoo, The University of Wollongong
  • Dessislava Kuznetsova, Open Society Institute, Sofia
  • Henry Ko
  • Dr Sarah Lewis
  • Dr Vivian Lin, Health Sector Development, World Health Organisation (Western Pacific Regional Office)
  • Associate Dean Michelle Lincoln
  • Professor Firman Lubis, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (deceased)
  • Alex Lynch, Health Policy and Advocacy
  • Dr Keith Masnick, Optometrist
  • Dr Fiona McDonald, QUT
  • Dr Heather McKenzie
  • Professor Elias Mpofu
  • Bronwyn Nardi, QLD Health
  • Professor Joel Negin
  • Fiona Pacey
  • Dr Donella Piper, Lawyer, ACT High Court
  • Evgeniya Plotnikova, University of Edinburgh
  • Vijaya Ramamurthy, Curtin University of Technology
  • Kate Reakes, University of South Australia
  • Nola Ries, The University of Newcastle
  • Chris Robertson, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority
  • Professor Charles Sampford
  • Associate Professor Toni Schofield
  • Professor Stephanie Short (Convenor)
  • Dr Jennifer Smith-Merry
  • Thomas Soem, DVC (Int)
  • Paul Shinkfield, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority
  • Rebecca Taylor, ANU 
  • Professor Hasbullah Thabrany, University of Indonesia
  • Dr David Thomas, UNSW
  • Ms Mabel Tsui
  • Dr Stian H Thoresen, Curtin University
  • Professor Dr Laksono Trisnantoro, Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Dr Jacqueline Tudball, National Prescribing Service 
  • Helen Turnbull, Avant Law Pty Ltd
  • Rebecca Turner
  • Dr Anar Ulikpan, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Craig Veitch
  • Elizabeth Van Ekert, MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd
  • Dr Anna van der Gaag, Health and Care Professions Council
  • Dr David Walker, Oral health, Sydney Medical School
  • Professor Merrilyn Walton
  • Dr Edward White, Director, UNSW
  • Professor Jill White
  • Margaret Williamson, National Prescribing Service
  • Professor Karen Willis, Australian Catholic University

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