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About the Heat and Health Research Incubator

Global leaders in heat and health research

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to generate comprehensive solutions to the complex problems associated with increasing exposure to extreme heat and hot weather across the human lifespan.

Discover the Heat and Health Research Incubator

Our philosophy in the Heat and Health Research Incubator is that diverse areas of expertise are essential to understanding the complex impacts of extreme heat and hot weather on human health across the human lifespan and is critical to generating comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Members of the Heat and Health Research Incubator are comprised of multi-disciplinary academics and research partners transcending all areas of expertise including, physiology, climate science, cardiology, pharmacology, air pollution, pediatric health, women’s health, sports medicine, infectious diseases, engineering, sustainability, public and community health, and innovation science.

In addition, central to our mission is connecting senior and early-to-mid-career researchers from a diverse array of academic backgrounds to produce the latest scientific evidence so that we can nurture future leaders in Heat and Health.

  • Professor Ollie Jay - Director, Sydney School of Health Sciences
  • Associate Professor Ying Zhang - Deputy Director, Sydney School of Public Health
  • Professor Joel Negin - Sydney School of Public Health
  • Professor Andrew McLachlan AM - Sydney Pharmacy School
  • Associate Professor Carolyn Broderick - UNSW
  • Dr Nicole Vargas - ANU
  • Dr Yorgi Mavros - Sydney School of Health Sciences

  • Dr Felicity Bright – Manager, Sydney School of Health Sciences

We have appointed Theme Leaders for our five priority research themes. The development of each theme is supported by a Senior Mentor. 

Maternal & Child Health

Physical Activity, Sport & Occupational Health

Ageing & Chronic Diseases

Landscapes & the Built Environment 

Humanitarian Settings

To build engagement with external partners we also prioritise commercialisation and building industry partnerships.


  • Commercialisation lead: Dr Grant Lynch - Sydney School of Health Sciences
  • Mentor: Nick McKay – Manager of Research Enterprise in the Faculty of Medicine and Health


University of Sydney Academic Staff Affiliates

Our Partners

  • Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation  
  • Australasian College for Emergency Medicine  
  • Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care 
  • Australian Olympic Committee  
  • Australian Red Cross  
  • Department of Health, Victoria  
  • Doctors for the Environment  
  • Global Heat and Health Information Network (GHHIN)  
  • International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (Bangladesh)  
  • International Olympic Committee  
  • Lancet Global Countdown on Health and Climate Change  
  • Médecins Sans Frontières  
  • Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District  
  • NSW Health  
  • Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)  
  • Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research (India)  
  • Southwestern Sydney Local Health District  
  • Sports Medicine Australia  
  • Sweltering Cities  
  • Sydney Alliance  
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network  
  • UNICEF  
  • Western Sydney Community Forum  
  • Western Sydney Regional of Councils (WSROC)  

  • Cricket Australia
  • Google
  • National Rugby League
  • Nike
  • Tennis Australia
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • 4Design

  • Angie Bone - Monash University, Australia  
  • Anthony Capon - Monash University, Australia 
  • Calae Philippe - Ministry of Health and Wellness, The Bahamas  
  • Chao Ren - Hong Kong University  
  • Charlie Huizenga - Centre for the Built Environment, Berkeley, USA  
  • Clayton Miller - National University of Singapore (NUS)  
  • Craig Crandall - UT Southwestern, USA  
  • Daniel Gagnon - Montreal Heart Institute, Canada  
  • Ed Arens - UC Berkeley, USA  
  • George Havenith - Loughborough University, UK  
  • Haidong Kan - Fudan University  
  • Hui Zhang - UC Berkeley, USA 
  • Jane Baldwin - UC Irvine, USA  
  • Jane Hirst - University of Oxford  
  • Jason Lee - National University of Singapore  
  • Jean Palutikof - Griffith University, Australia 
  • Jennifer Vanos - Arizona State University, USA  
  • Jianlei Niu - Hong Kong Polytechnic University  
  • John Nairn - World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva  
  • Joy Shumake-Guillemot - World Health Organisation, Geneva  
  • Julien Periard - University of Canberra, Australia  
  • Kristie Ebi - University of Washington, USA  
  • Lacy Alexander - Penn State University, USA 
  • Larry Kenney - Penn State University, USA  
  • Lars Nybo - University of Copenhagen, Denmark  
  • Marina Romanello - Lancet Countdown, University College London, UK  
  • Mario Frei - National University of Singapore (NUS)  
  • Md Joarder - Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology 
  • Michael Sawka - Georgia Tech University, USA  
  • Nathan Morris - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA  
  • Nicholas Ravanelli - Lakehead University, Canada 
  • Peng Bi - University of Adelaide, Australia  
  • Poornima Prabhakaran - CDC, New Delhi  
  • Sanjay Zodpey - Public Health Foundation of India  
  • Sarah Carter - Charles Darwin University
  • Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick - UNSW Canberra  
  • Sari Kovats - London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine  
  • Saurav Basu - Public Health Foundation of India  
  • Simon Hodder - Loughborough University, UK  
  • Stefano Schiavon - Centre for the Built Environment, Berkeley, USA
  • Wenbiao Hu - Queensland University of Technology  
  • Yuming Guo - Monash University, Australia  


Ollie Jay
Professor Ollie Jay, Director
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Felicity Bright
Dr Felicity Bright, Manager