Operations portfolios

Sydney Musculoskeletal Health Portfolios
Our Sydney Musculoskeletal Health Portfolios represent the operational structures of our Centre and contribute to the overall achievement of the Centre’s priorities.

The Sydney Musculoskeletal Health Portfolios represent the operational structures of our Centre and  include members from a range of backgrounds, including:

  • senior researchers, 
  • early-mid-career researchers, 
  • clinicians, 
  • professional staff, and 
  • consumers.

Each portfolio is unique in its objectives, and all contribute to the achievement of the Centre’s priorities. 

Consumer and Community Involvement

The Consumer and Community Involvement Portfolio provides a mechanism for consumer involvement on research projects, grant applications, interactions with media, and other activities undertaken by the flagship.

The Portfolio will also seek opportunities to further their knowledge of consumer involvement in research, conduct research in this field, and run consumer events. 

Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Equity

The Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Equity Portfolio will initiate, champion and evaluate intentional diversity and inclusion strategies for implementation across Sydney Musculoskeletal Health.

They will foster a workplace culture that is welcoming and accepting of all staff and reflects our diverse community.

They will encourage the inclusion of a range of internal and external stakeholders and diversity and inclusion initiatives in Sydney MSK meetings, events, and processes as appropriate 


Media and Communications

The Media and Communications Portfolio will develop and implement our media (mainstream and social media) and communication strategy including website, liaising with media office and regular updates to the Flagship community (newsletter).

Research Training and Development

The Research Training and Development Portfolio will develop the knowledge and skills of the Centre’s workforce (students, academic staff, professional staff, clinician researchers) through reviewing, designing and implementing effective training and professional development strategies including regular seminars, annual scientific symposium and mentoring programs.

Policy and Advocacy

The Policy and Advocacy Portfolio will raise awareness of the importance of musculoskeletal health and physical activity to health and wellbeing across the lifespan to health policy makers, government, philanthropic agencies, consumers, local health districts and health professionals. 


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