Voice Research Laboratory

Enhancing the human voice through research and practice
We are a research and teaching facility providing voice services to the public. We treat voice disorders and help people learn vocal skills through effective voice therapy and training.

The Voice Research Laboratory is a fully equipped voice analysis facility within The University of Sydney SPEECH Clinic at the Cumberland Campus.

Our research focuses on accurately measuring the effects of speech pathology interventions and training on the human voice.

By understanding voice production, disorders and motor learning process that facilitate permanent vocal change, we aim to develop the most effective and efficient voice therapy and training programs.

Our facilities

Our lab is fully equipped for simultaneous visual imaging, respiratory, laryngeal and acoustic measurement.

Facilities include:

  • a Wolfe high-speed video system to visualise the vocal fold vibration in detail
  • a Glottal Enterprises airflow and air pressure system and electroglottograph to collect laryngeal data
  • a Respitrace system to collect respiratory data
  • a Nasometer 6400 to collect information about nasalance
  • high quality microphones in a sound-proof recording studio and amplifiers
  • ADInstruments PowerLabs system
  • MultiDimensional Voice Profile, Analysis of Dysphonia in Speech and Voice, KayPentax CSL, LingWaves, SoundSwell and PRAAT analysis suites
  • three permanent computer work stations
  • a Universal flow meter.

Clinical services

Our Voice Clinic is a teaching and research facility that provides voice assessments.

Your voice will first be evaluated by speech pathology students under the supervision of qualified speech pathologists, using computerised voice analysis systems. When necessary, direct assessments of your vocal fold function can be conducted by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Please note that recording equipment is used for teaching and supervisory purposes.

A GP referral is required to attend the clinic. Please email us at speech.clinic@sydney.edu.au or call 9351 9764 to make an appointment.

Voice therapy sessions

Voice intensive clinics offer 1.5 to 2-hour voice therapy sessions based on the needs of the client. The sessions take place three days a week over four consecutive weeks during the semester breaks.

Sessions are run by paired students who have completed necessary training supervised by a speech pathology clinical educator. Clients are then followed up with a comprehensive examination with Dr Daniel Novakovic.

If you are interested in voice therapy, please contact the clinic on 9351 9539.

Our people

Clinical support

Our students

The lab team includes PhD, masters by research and honours undergraduate students.


Headshot of Dr Cate Madill

Contact us

  • +61 2 9351 9539 (general enquiries)
  • +61 2 9351 9764 (appointments)
To make an appointment, please leave a message, and the Intake Officer will return your call within a week. Alternatively, please send us an email.

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