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Student profile: Global Health

Meet Olivia Fox
We caught up with Master of Global Health student, Olivia Fox, to find out why she chose her degree and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Global health student

Olivia Fox, Master of Global Health

Why did you choose postgraduate study in global health? 

I wanted to do my Masters of Public Health, but wasn't sure on what major to pick. I'd seen that USYD had a brand new course called Masters of Global Health. The principles and topics it covered were different from the other public health courses I'd seen. The focus on global health equity really caught my attention and seemed like an interesting area to work in where there's a real chance to create change.

What does a typical day at uni look like for you?

A couple of classes and lectures is a standard day for me, it's a pretty relaxed timetable. Theres lots and lots of readings! I spend heaps of time exploring the literature on certain topics in preparation for classes, where we usually just have a big group discussion and raise important questions. It sounds intimidating, and I'm a shy person so I was nervous at first, but I really enjoy it

What has surprised you most about your degree?

How so many factors can impact the health of an individual/group/country, beyond those medical conditions that at first seem like the obvious problem. There is so much that goes into determining the health outcomes of populations that lots of people arent aware of or dont usually consider

What do you like most about studying at Usyd?

The campus is gorgeous and the facilities a great. The academics that we have access to as students is amazing and they're a fantastic resource

What advice would you give other students just starting out?

Get amongst it! Ask questions. Be passionate. Health is a dynamic field with so much opportunity, there's not always a clear path set out for where you want to go; so enjoy the ride!


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