Student profile: Surgery

Meet Samriti Sood
We caught up with Oncoplastic Surgeon Dr Samriti Sood, to find out why she chose to specialise in breast surgery and how she thinks it has helped her career.
Dr Samriti Sood

Samriti Sood – Graduate Diploma in Surgery (Breast Surgery)

Why I chose surgery

I volunteered at Westmead Hospital for a week during the school holidays. I was scared of doctors as a child, and the idea of cancer terrified me, but this fear also drove me to understand and learn more.

I watched an operation and was totally gobsmacked by the skill and agility of the surgeons. By the end of that week, I decided I wanted to work in the exact field that scared me the most.

Why I decided to specialise in breast surgery

The main reason was that is complemented my everyday clinical decision making and patient management. There is a real need for surgeons to have an in-depth understanding of breast cancer and also benign breast disease and also to have a great overview and understanding of what kind of oncoplastic techniques are available.

How I balance work and family with study

The work-life balance has been very manageable. I can log on after hours so I can do a full-time job, be on call after-hours and still study effectively. I had a baby... so I’ve been able to manage full-time work and study and also look after my children and family at home.

How this course has helped my career

I find the course has helped me enormously in packaging individualised care plans for my patients, so I can give them state of the art, up to date treatment. The way I see it it’s an investment in my future patients and for me in my delivery of care.