Student profile: Graduate entry master's

Jameela Truman
We caught up with Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) student Jameela Truman, to find out why she chose postgraduate study and how she thinks it has helped her career.
Jameela Truman

Jameela Truman – Master of Nursing (Graduate entry)

Why I chose the Master of Nursing

Originally from Maryland USA, my first degree was a Bachelor of Science. I chose it because I had a passion for working with people but was unsure about what I wanted to do as a career.

Halfway through my undergraduate degree, I realised I wanted to do nursing, but I was deterred from switching courses because I thought it was going to take me too long to complete.

After I graduated, I started researching master's programs that I could combine with my science degree and when I saw the University of Sydney Master of Nursing I thought, that's me!

What attracted me to the University of Sydney

I wanted to travel and study internationally and one of my friends had just finished his study abroad at the University of Sydney. He told me “It’s amazing! The culture, the people, the facilities, just see – just come for a semester.” I moved to Sydney in February 2010, and I planned to stay just for my two-year master's program, but I fell in love with Australia and decided to stay.

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What surprised me about my degree

Once you graduate it's not like you're a nurse now and that's it. There are so many options for specialisation and the Master of Nursing sets a great foundation. I couldn’t have picked a better degree to change careers.

Also, the level of academia is up there in the best in Australia. Our intensive care and emergency departments are publishing their research and contributing to world-renowned science, it’s incredible. So I’m very happy with my decision.

How this course has helped my career

It's accelerated it without a doubt. Looking back, had I not done the master's I wouldn’t be at the level I'm at now in nursing and careerwise. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My career goals

I want to be more involved in research projects in nursing with the hopes to someday publish my own research.