Student profile: Health sciences

Meet Ryen Sadeque
We caught up with Bachelor of Science (Health) student Ryen Sadeque, to find out why he chose his degree and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Ryen Sadeque

Ryen Sadeque – Bachelor of Science (Health)

Why I chose allied health at Sydney

Growing up, I always saw myself in a vocation that focused on empowering others. With this in mind, I always felt drawn towards a career in health. The wide range of subjects available to study within this program was also really appealing to me.

A typical day

I generally follow the typical university grind: commuting to university, classes, eating, studying, going home. All the while trying to fit in activities such as work, gym, spending time with friends or extracurricular activities!

My favourite subject

This is a tough one! I can't pick a favourite, as I feel that I am learning interesting concepts from each subject.

What surprised me about my degree

While I had researched this degree and what it entailed, I was most pleasantly surprised by the amazing support provided by my teachers, and the many learning resources that were available. There are also more opportunities available, whether it is for social life, professional or personal development.

My career goals

I have developed a career interest in project management, and am particularly interested in how this can be applied to solve problems in the healthcare domain – particularly in e-health, where you are harnessing the latest advances in information technologies to improve healthcare processes and practices.

My advice

I think the most important principle is to be open to learning and developing new interests – your expectations of the degree may be quite different to what you actually experience, but it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.