Student profile: Oral health

Meet Amy Lo Monaco
We caught up with Bachelor of Oral Health student Amy Lo Monaco, to find out why she chose her degree and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Amy Lo Monaco

Amy Lo Monaco – Bachelor of Oral Health

Why I chose oral health

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and thought dentistry and oral health were unique options. Dental care is also a very fearful topic for many people and I want to play a role in making it comfortable rather than terrifying!

A typical day

A typical theory day involves a full day of lectures and tutorials on a variety of subjects to help enhance our skills and oral health knowledge. A practical day involves a morning tutorial followed by treating patients and learning practical skills.  

My favourite subject

Oral Health in Clinical Practice is a favourite of mine because we get to implement all of our knowledge and develop practical skills with patients in clinics and simulation clinics.  

What surprised me about my degree

University is completely different from high school in the best possible way. You get to study what you love and are interested in with like-minded people which makes the overall experience even more enjoyable and exciting.

My lecturers are really supportive and help us learn effectively in creative ways. I was also surprised that we started to develop our practical skills, such as instrument handling and drilling into practice blocks, really early on – within the first weeks of the course!

My career goals

One of the best things about this degree is the variety of career paths you can choose from such as research, private clinics, public clinics and project management. I would be happy with any of those paths.

My advice

In so many aspects, the Bachelor of Oral Health is challenging but also extremely rewarding, unique and so much fun – so just go for it!