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Medicine and surgery

Open the door to an extensive range of rewarding medical careers
We aim to give our students a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare them for a rich and rewarding career in medicine, surgery or public health.

Courses in medicine and surgery

The Sydney Medical School offers programs to support all stages of your medical career, whether you are just embarking on your career in medicine, you are a doctor or health professional who wants to upskill, or you want to keep up to date in your practice with professional development and short courses.

Our Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a four-year, full-time graduate entry course for applicants with a bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate admission into the combined medicine degrees is available for high school leavers who have achieved exceptional results.

The seven-year double degree pathway combines the MD with an undergraduate degree in arts or science

Advance your career or gain further experience, knowledge and skills to specialise in your chosen field of medicine or health with one of our postgraduate medicine courses for medical and health professionals

Developed with leading clinicians, our range of flexible, online courses are designed for working health professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career.

Master of Medicine/Master of Science in Medicine

Our Master of Medicine program is available to medical graduates, and our Master of Science in Medicine program is available to health and science graduates. You can study at the following levels:

  • individual unit of study
  • graduate certificate (24 credit points)
  • graduate diploma (36 credit points)
  • master’s (48 credit points)
  • master’s (advanced) (60 credit points).

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Sydney Medical School is home to one of the largest academic surgical departments in Australasia, and delivers the most subscribed postgraduate surgical program in the region.

We offer coursework and research that can be tailored to complement any stage of a surgical career – from medical graduates to surgical trainees and practising surgeons.

Graduate Certificate in Surgery

We offer two graduate certificates in surgery that can be completed as standalone specialty programs or can be credited towards the Master of Surgery.

Master of Surgery

Our Master of Surgery is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in applying the best available evidence to surgical patient care, and allow you to specialise through a range of elective units of study.

As a Master of Surgery candidate, you will complete a core unit in clinical epidemiology or biostatistics, and will enter one of the following five streams:

In the surgical research dissertation stream, you will choose from one of 17 specialist areas. 

Your studies will include a combination of coursework and a research dissertation in your specialist area. 

Learn more about our postgraduate surgery courses.

Stay up to date in your field and broaden your knowledge and skills with professional development or a short course from the Sydney Medical School.

Short courses are available in a variety of areas including basic sciences, critical care, ethics, general practice, pain management, surgery and more.

View the full list of our short courses in medicine.

Comprising two units of study, our Sydney Professional Certificates are perfect for experienced clinicans wanting to fill a knowledge gap or pursue a sub-speciality interest.

With 14 different certificates available, these mciro-credentials are a great way to upskill with flexibility and independence. 

Find out more.

Support for early career researchers

Support and targeted career development for early career researchers is an important part of retaining the best clinicians, researchers and teachers.

We actively provide support for our early career researchers with:

  • networking and conference opportunities
  • notification of early career targeted-research, travel grant schemes, and research development workshop
  • tailored career advice.

If you are an early career researcher with us, join our network.

Doctor of Clinical Surgery

Our comprehensive Doctor of Clinical Surgery is endorsed by RACS and includes clinical and non-clinical coursework and research to produce surgical leaders with the attitudes and skills to meet the challenges of modern surgical specialist practice, and the research skills required for an academic career.

Doctor of Medical Science

Our Doctor of Medical Science (DMedSc) is a higher doctorate degree which is awarded to researchers who have achieved a high status and contributed a significant body of literature in their respective medical field.

Our students talk about what it is like to study medicine at Sydney Medical School

Why study medicine at Sydney?

Sydney Medical School is if the country’s top medical schools and we aim to give our students a strong foundation for a rich and rewarding career. We offer clinical placements in some of the country’s most prestigious teaching hospitals in urban, regional and remote areas. 

At the Sydney Medical School, we aim to give our students a strong foundation for their future in medicine. Our graduates are recognised for their analytic and problem-solving skills, commitment to pursue new knowledge in an ever-changing world, and compassionate understanding of human diversity in the communities they serve.

Careers in medicine and surgery

Our graduates go on to pursue careers in a wide range of healthcare settings, specialties and other areas, including:

  • clinical practice
  • medical research
  • public health
  • surgery
  • health education
  • international aid
  • industry 
  • health regulation and policy.

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Aspacia Manos
Aspasia Manos, Doctor of Medicine
“Medicine is a lot of work, but if your motivations are pure, it is incredibly rewarding.”
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