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Career benefits of specialist postgraduate study in medicine

Are you looking to advance your career in medicine?
Pursue your passion and discover postgraduate education for doctors. Our specialist postgraduate courses are taught by experts in the medical field and offer a wide range of benefits for doctors.

Establish a network of contacts

Our specialist postgraduate courses for doctors allow you to make meaningful connections with your peers, as well as senior clinicians. You will have specific time dedicated to engaging with experienced doctors, allowing you to form professional networks that you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.

Gain practical skills

Improve your patient-care with knowledge passed on from professionals with decades of experience. Use this knowledge to acquire practical skills which you can apply directly to your practice the very next day.

Having formal teaching on the latest evidence-based surgical practice has been very useful as it can be difficult when working full-time to know what has changed since medical school.
Dr Rob Pearlman, Master of Surgery

Master essential non-technical skills

Our specialist postgraduate programs provide education and training in great depth and breadth. Enhance your career by mastering essential non-technical skills such as critical thinking, clinical reasoning, communication techniques and research effectiveness.

Develop your research skills

Benefit from a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary communication and develop your research skills through the major themes of cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, neuroscience and mental health, infectious diseases and lifespan health. You will also learn the ins and outs of trial design and how to write a successful grant application.

Prepare for college exams

These courses are a great source of preparation for meeting college training requirements as well as preparing for college exams.

8 May 2018

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