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08 May 2018

Career benefits of specialist postgraduate study in medicine

Pursue your passion and discover postgraduate education for doctors. Our specialist postgraduate courses are taught by experts in the medical field and offer a wide range of benefits for doctors.
08 May 2018

Why study critical care medicine?

This highly sought after degree has been designed by critical care clinicians for doctors working, or planning to work, in emergency medicine, anaesthetics and intensive care medicine.
08 May 2018

Why study clinical neurophysiology?

Specialise with a postgraduate degree in clinical neurophysiology and develop theoretical and practical knowledge in this broad discipline that encompasses diagnostic services and intraoperative monitoring.
08 May 2018

Why study metabolic health?

Our highly practical metabolic health program is delivered by international leaders in the field of diabetes and metabolic health.
08 May 2018

Why study internal medicine?

Our postgraduate internal medicine program is delivered in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and is the only degree of its kind in Australasia.
08 May 2018

5 reasons to study sexual and reproductive health

Study a postgraduate degree in sexual and reproductive health and improve health outcomes in Australia and around the world.
08 May 2018

Why study pharmaceutical and medical device development?

Our range of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Development degrees at the University of Sydney will provide you with insights and understanding into the complex and dynamic processes involved in bringing pharmaceutical and medical technology to market.
08 May 2018

5 reasons to study pain management

Chronic pain affects around 20 percent of Australians and costs the community an estimated $34 billion annually. Our program is designed for healthcare professionals will empower you to make a difference in this emerging field.
08 May 2018

International surgeon delivers annual Diana Temple Memorial Lecture

The 9th Annual Diana Temple AM Memorial Lecture was presented by Dr Caprice C. Greenberg, who gave her talk "Sticky floors and glass ceilings" about gender disparity in surgery.