Why study pharmaceutical and medical device development?

Pursue a career in this complex and unique sector
Our range of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Development degrees at the University of Sydney will provide you with insights and understanding into the complex and dynamic processes involved in bringing pharmaceutical and medical technology to market.

Who should study this course?

From graduate certificates through to advanced masters degrees, we offer a range of course options for both medical and non-medical graduates.

Our courses have been designed in partnership with government regulators and key industry players to provide you with an in-depth knowledge about the industry and develop your critical thinking skills to make you work-ready. There are also opportunities to apply for paid pharmaceutical-focused internships to gain real-world experiences during your degree.

Why study this course?

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from leaders in the field including industry professionals, regulatory body leaders, representatives of industry associates and academics. Our multidisciplinary teaching team cover the breadth of career-paths and expertise required for the development, registration and provision of medicines and devices in Australia and globally.

Completing this course will hold you in good stead for employment within the pharmaceutical industry in Australia
Karen Whitelock, Country Patient Safety Head | Novartis Pharmaceuticals
8 May 2018

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