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08 July 2016

Three federal election questions answered by our experts

As the vote count continues, experts from the University of Sydney contribute to some of the key debates surrounding the 2016 Federal Election.

08 July 2016

The NDIS does not yet address all the needs of Indigenous people with disabilities

While the NDIS presents an opportunity to address the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with disabilities, a number of challenges still remain writes Dr John Gilroy.

07 July 2016

Something in the water

The Australian Women's Water Polo team may have a secret weapon as they head to the Olympics next month, with four of the 13 athletes recently selected for the Aussie Stingers squad all graduates of the University of Sydney.

07 July 2016

Abercrombie building heralds new era for business education in Asia Pacific

The Business School’s new state-of-the-art $250 million home is predicted to reshape the way students are equipped to lead the Asia–Pacific region in the 21st century.

06 July 2016

Obese preschoolers have 60% higher healthcare costs than healthy weight children

Obese children are two to three times more likely to be admitted to hospital, according to a new study on the healthcare costs of overweight preschoolers. 

06 July 2016

Labor’s ‘Mediscare’ campaign capitalised on Coalition’s history of hostility to Medicare

Labor’s Medicare campaign plugged into a long history of Coalition ambivalence – or open hostility – towards Medicare, writes Professor James Gillespie.

05 July 2016

How our body sugars can work like gluey gel

A simple fracture in our wrists, ankle or hip can take months to mend but now chemical engineering researchers are working with scientists at the Kids Research Institute at Westmead children’s hospital investigating ways of using our own body sugars to speed up the healing process.

05 July 2016

What happens next if there is a hung Parliament?

Australia will have to wait 6 months for another election and the Prime Minister will remain until he resigns on behalf of the government: Professor Anne Twomey on what happens if there is a hung Parliament following the federal election. 

05 July 2016

Boosting Australia’s response to infectious disease outbreaks

University of Sydney researchers will partner with other leading national experts in clinical, laboratory and public health research on a new $5m initiative to boost Australia’s capacity to respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

04 July 2016

New funding seeds researchers’ relationships with industry

Encouraging engagement with industry and the community is the aim of a new University of Sydney seed fund for researchers.