25 March 2021

Australian team gets to the heart of COVID-19

In a study completed in just 10 months, University of Sydney researchers have uncovered some of the ways COVID-19 affects the heart and identified potential drug treatments which have progressed to clinical trials.
25 March 2021

Consent laws aren't the reason for low sexual assault conviction rates

An app won't fix issues associated with consent in sexual encounters, writes rape law expert and Dean, Sydney Law School, Professor Simon Bronitt.
24 March 2021

COVID fails to slow academic collaboration

Academic collaboration has continued to thrive in the absence of international travel, with the University of Sydney signing a new strategic partner and organising high-profile virtual conferences, including one that attracted more than 28,000 researchers.
23 March 2021

Lift the curtains!

In response to COVID effectively shutting down live performance, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music was forced to rethink how opera in a time of a global pandemic could look. They took a traditionally staged opera, Cendrillon, and produced it as an opera film.
22 March 2021

People with dementia need more support for decision-making

People living with dementia need support to make their own lifestyle and health care decisions. Supported decision-making can secure the rights, will and preferences of people with disabilities.
19 March 2021

How will mass-vaccination change future COVID-19 lockdowns?

The results of the study show that to curb future outbreaks in the absence of herd immunity, including outbreaks in schools, social distancing of up to 40 percent of the population will be needed.
19 March 2021

Students give a thumbs-up to the new study experience

How have students responded to the transition to fully online or hybrid online/on-campus learning? With a double thumbs-up, the latest Unit of Study Survey results show.

18 March 2021

Christmas Island reptile-killer identified

With wild populations decimated, Lister's gecko and the blue-tailed skink only exist in captivity. University of Sydney researchers have discovered a bacterium, which could cause their potential extinction.
18 March 2021

New program puts music theatre front and centre

A new program by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music is designed to serve the needs of vocal students who want advanced training in the art and science of music theatre voice.
17 March 2021

Second-wave COVID mortality dropped markedly in (most) wealthier zones