11 March 2021

Academy of Science honours two University of Sydney researchers

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer from Chemistry and Dr Kevin Coulembier from Mathematics & Statistics have received the recognition of their peers in these prestigious honours awarded annually by the Australian Academy of Science.
09 March 2021

New approach to treating thumb osteoarthritis

Thumb-base osteoarthritis, which is common particularly in post-menopausal women, can greatly limit the use of their hands. Now, a simple mix of treatments focusing on this small but important part of the body could be a solution.
09 March 2021

Playing Beatie Bow brought to thundering life in a joyous stage play

Dr Vanessa Berry, lecturer in Creative Writing, reviews the stage production of Playing Beatie Bow by Sydney Theatre Company.
08 March 2021

Australia has a long history of coercing people into work. There are better options than 'dobbing in'

JobSeeker rules are an extension of Australian's long history of making unemployment support contingent on the idea of "deservedness", writes Dr Frances Flanagan.
08 March 2021

Recognition for two outstanding teachers

Two Sydney academics were awarded citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the Federal Government's Australian Awards for University Teaching.
08 March 2021

How we can achieve an equal future

Ten University of Sydney women discuss what needs to happen to achieve an equal future where more #womenlead.
08 March 2021

Meet our new UN Women Australia MBA scholarship recipients

How did the pandemic spur two women leaders to further study? We sat down with Dr Kudzai Kanhutu and Katherine Passmore (recipients of the UN Women Australia MBA Scholarship) to discuss.
08 March 2021

Researchers develop improved recycling process for carbon fibres

Recycling of composite materials could be up to 70 percent cheaper and lead to a 90-95 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to standard manufacturing.
05 March 2021

$15m project to establish whole-body imaging in Australian first

A project driven by Sydney should provide unique imaging capability to Australia while revolutionising patient care, through a joint venture with Northern Sydney Local Health District to procure a total body PET/CT scanner.

05 March 2021

A military-led internet shutdown in Myanmar may be imminent

Technology has played a key role for both sides engaged in the conflict. So what would happen if Myanmar's military shut down all communication to the outside? Dr Susan Banki from Sydney Southeast Asia Centre explains.