05 March 2021

New Indigenous strategy and student centre launched

Today the University of Sydney launched One Sydney, Many People with the aim of creating a sense of belonging and demonstrating visible leadership and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and culture. Coinciding with the launch was the opening of the new dedicated student centre, The Gadigal Centre.
05 March 2021

Watching out for whales: Australian tech gives new eyes to ships

University of Sydney researchers have joined forces with industry and the NSW Smart Sensing Network to give sight to marine oil and gas exploration vessels to help protect whale populations.
04 March 2021

QS rankings show global excellence for a broad range of subjects

Sports-related subjects were the standout in latest QS subject rankings result.
04 March 2021

How we tackle the obesity epidemic needs to change

On World Obesity Day our experts discuss policy change, research and treatment that aligns with this year's global theme "Every Body Needs Everybody."
03 March 2021

International experience for students continues during pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 border closures, University of Sydney students have still obtained international experience as part of their degree.
03 March 2021

Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study

Scientists have mapped out what happens to fat deposits during intermittent fasting (every second day), with an unexpected discovery that some types of fat are more resistant to weight loss in mice.
02 March 2021

Funding to support mental wellbeing of international students

Dr Isabella Choi from the University of Sydney is leading a project to provide better support for the mental wellbeing of Chinese international students through the use of an online program.
02 March 2021

Motive trumps incentive advertising in persuading consumers

Experts say advertising campaigns need to model positive internal motivation rather than external reasons like reward or punishment if they are to be effective.
01 March 2021

Wrasses dazzle: how fairy wrasses got their flamboyant colours

Sea level rises and falls during the Pliocene/Pleistocene epoch acted as a 'species pump', propelling fairy wrasses across oceans, and allowing them to evolve separately, into the 61 (and counting) species that exist today.