30 August 2021

4 in 1 blood pressure pill much more effective than monotherapy

The first large-scale, long-term trial of a new strategy using combinations of very low doses in one capsule, has demonstrated significantly improved control of high blood pressure - the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

30 August 2021

CUAVA-1 launches for deployment from International Space Station

A satellite designed and built in Sydney is helping pave the way for Australia's scientific and commercial space industry. Mission leader Professor Iver Cairns is Director of CUAVA.
30 August 2021

Peer Study Program gives students in China a taste of campus life

A face-to-face learning program is helping Sydney's international students cope with the challenges of remote study.

30 August 2021

University appoints new Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Annamarie Jagose, current Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (University Schools), has been appointed the University of Sydney's Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
26 August 2021

Pandemic peak in sight - but we must brace for an infection surge

National modelling led by Centre for Complex Systems researchers shows that a pandemic peak is in sight, but we must brace for a surge of infections upon reopening when 80 percent of the adult population is vaccinated and restrictions are lifted.
25 August 2021

Under-12s are increasingly catching COVID-19. How sick are they getting and when will we be able to vaccinate them?

What are the benefits of vaccinating children, both for the child and the community? And how will we know the vaccines are safe and effective for young children? Associate Professor Nick Wood explores the topic.
25 August 2021

Turn down the heat

University of Sydney researchers find women during menopausal transition require special consideration of their thermal requirements to ensure a comfortable working environment.
24 August 2021

Niall Blair appointed chair of Dairy UP

New collaborative dairy research and development program Dairy UP appoints former Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair as new Chairperson of its Steering and Advisory Board.
20 August 2021

Do you think you're exclusively straight?

Scientific research has shown that sexuality exists on a spectrum. But how certain are people about where they fit on it? A new study suggests that people's reported sexual orientation can change after reading about the nature of sexual orientation.
20 August 2021

Why Chinese and Australian students differ on the workplace skills that matter

Australian students gained more skills in networking compared to Chinese students who increased their skills in communication and teamwork, during work-integrated learning programs, according to a new report by the University of Sydney Business School.