06 August 2021

$6m bequest for archaeology from former professor and curator

Archaeology professor, curator of the Nicholson Museum for 37 years and founder of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Professor Cambitoglou has bequeathed $6 million to the Institute.
05 August 2021

Solving solar puzzle could help save Earth from planet-wide blackouts

Could solar storms knock out the global internet? Yes, but we don't know when or how it could happen. Mathematician Dr Geoffrey Vasil has proposed a new understanding of the Sun's convection zone to help.
05 August 2021

How to predict a stock market bubble in real-time

A new method for identifying financial bubbles could help policymakers avert catastrophes like the burst of the 2007 housing bubble in the US. It is also applicable to traders, as it garners over 3 percent extra profit compared to a 'buy and hold' share investment strategy.
03 August 2021

Gathering Indigenous knowledge to replenish oyster reefs and country

Dramatic changes are affecting the Australian landscape with the search underway to deal with them in new ways. But what about the old ways of this country's Aboriginal peoples? Mitchell Gibbs plans to gather that knowledge.

03 August 2021

Dieting - why it's not really about calories, low fat, keto or paleo

Public enemy number one in the modern world is the weighing scale. Every diet has been tried, yet the kilos multiply and diabetes, heart disease are still prevalent. Is there something we're missing?

02 August 2021

Q-CTRL unveils machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors

Professor Michael Biercuk's quantum tech startup makes research strides through continued collaboration with the University to enhance quantum computing performance.