20 August 2021

Urgent planning on heat and health needed to face climate crisis

Leading experts caution climate change projections require urgent planning and more investment in research to reduce the risks of heat-related disease and death.
18 August 2021

Start-up raises $784,000 for baby resuscitation system

System aims to improve outcomes for the approximately ten million babies that experience breathing difficulties at birth each year.
17 August 2021

Early career researchers awarded $9m funding

The University of Sydney has received funding for 22 research projects through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme.
16 August 2021

How to keep kids connected to nature as they grow

1 in 2 primary-aged kids have strong connections to nature, but this drops off in teenage years. Here's how to reverse the trend.
16 August 2021

Sydney rises in latest ARWU ranking

The University of Sydney has ranked 69th in the world and 4th in Australia in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), improving its position by five places.
16 August 2021

#FreeBritney: do we have conservatorships in Australia?

Australian states have schemes analogous to US conservatorships and they're far from perfect, write Professor Cameron Stewart and Dr Linda Steele for The Conversation.
16 August 2021

Festival of Urbanism 2021

The Festival of Urbanism 2021 (13 - 24 September 2021) explores 'endangered' urbanism through a series of free, online panel discussions, films and podcasts that will focus on the existential threats facing urban environments from the global pandemic to social division, economic turmoil, and deepening climate risk.
12 August 2021

Students meet in person for first time on trip across India

After more than a year studying online from their homes across India, a group of fully vaccinated Engineering students finally met face-to-face on a trip along their country's east coast.

11 August 2021

Nine Sydney researchers awarded ARC Future Fellowships

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded more than $17m from the Australian Research Council to tackle challenges of national importance.
09 August 2021

Anxiety and alcohol program reaches youth via social media

New program reduces anxiety and problem drinking by reaching youth via digital media - where they spend much of their time