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Mass spectrometry imaging

The mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) suite offers the choice of DESI or MALDI methods for the detection and high-resolution visualisation of biomolecules in samples ranging from tissue sections to bacterial colonies.

Lipid based MSI follows an established analysis pipeline and like peptide or protein imaging, can show the distribution and relative abundance of lipids in formalin fixed frozen and fresh frozen tissues. Lipid MSI is supported by LCMS based lipid workflows to provide additional qualitative and identification based information.

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) enables the location and relative abundance of proteins and peptides can be visualised on the surface of tissue sections without the need for specialised stains or antibodies. MSI data can complement traditional histology by providing information on target molecules that are otherwise hidden to more traditional histological techniques. MSI is compatible with a range of tissue types including: formalin fixed paraffin embedded, fresh frozen and fixed frozen.  

Biotyping provides a rapid and safe method of bacterial screening while generating differential data based on peptide, protein or lipid mass fingerprinting technology. Traditionally a clinically based diagnostic technique, Sydney Mass Spectrometry offers custom designed workflows and individual library generation for bacterial subsets of any size for clinical and non-clinical bacterial organisms up to PC level 2. 

SCiLS Lab 2019 and HDImaging are the two most popular mass spectrometry image analysis software packages available. Software is available on a mix of high-performance workstations and virtual computing resources.