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Staff member using our metabolomics facilities


Using liquid chromatography coupled with precision mass spectrometry, we can fully characterise the metabolome or lipidome of a sample using one of our dedicated LCMS systems.

The field of metabolomics focuses on the thousands of small molecules found in living organisms. It is possible to take an unbiased discovery approach to characterise changes using our Sciex 6600 Q-TOF mass spectrometers. Alternatively, there is a targeted approach which focusses on a specific set of metabolites using the QTRAP or TSQ Altis platforms.

Lipidomics is the characterisation of the lipid complement of a sample. Like metabolomics and proteomic a discovery or targeted method can be taken. An example of a typical targeted approach can be quantifying changes in neuroprotective signaling lipid sphingosine 1-phosphate in the human brain using the TSQ Altis triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.

A Q Exactive HFX is dedicated to discovery lipidomics methods, while a Synapt G2 Si – which has the additional capability of ion mobility – is available for detailed lipid characterisation.  

We have a range of analysis packages for general metabolomics analysis:

  • Compound Discoverer
  • Mass Profiler Professional
  • Progenesis QI

For targeted metabolomics analysis:

  • MultiQuant
  • Tracefinder
  • Skyline

For Lipidomics analysis:

  • LipidSearch
  • LipidView

Software is available on a mix of high-performance workstations, virtual computing resources and network licenses.