example of atom probe tomography imaging

Atom probe tomography

Instrumentation for 3D spatial composition analysis
Our expert staff can assist with three-dimensional mapping of atoms.

Our facilities

The Invizo 6000 is a new generation atom probe that incorporates two key advances over the existing LEAP systems.

- New counter-electrode and double Einzel lens design that allows ultra-wide field of view
- Symmetrical deep UV (257.5nm) laser minimises bulk heating and improves specimen yield in challenging materials

These technologies are particularly beneficial on any materials that were previously too difficult to conduct a successful atom probe experiment usig the existing LEAP systems.

Voltage Pulse Local Electrode Atom Probe

The LEAP 3000 Si is a straight flight-path system which allows up to 200kHz high voltage pulsing for fast throughput, high data collection efficiency and large field of view. The flight-path length is variable, to allow user flexibility in choice of mass resolution versus field-of-view.

  • Acquisition rate up to 107 ions per hour.
  • 106 - 3 x 107 atoms per specimen (typ.)
  • Analysis volume: 50 x 50 x 100nm (typ.)
  • Spacial resolution: 0.5nm
  • Mass resolution: FWHM>1/1000

UV Laser Pulse Assisted Local Electrode Atom Probe

The 1 MHz 355 nm UV laser pulse allows the 3D analysis of composition and structure at atomic resolution in non-conductive systems such as ceramics, semiconductors, organics, glasses, oxide layers and even biological materials.

Our facility is recognised as a world-leading group in the interpretation and quantitative investigation of atom probe data reconstruction, utilising a combination of CAMECA IVAS/AP Suite, MathWorks MATLAB, and unique programming tools.


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