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Image from a transmission electron microscope

Transmission electron microscopy

Capabilities for internal composition analysis
Our experts will help you navigate our wide range of transmission electron microscopes to ensure you optimise the techniques required to answer your research question.

Our facilities

This microscope which is located at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub allows for combined high spatial and spectral analysis of materials via atomically resolved imaging and elemental mapping with energy-dispersive X-ray and electron-energy loss spectroscopies at a range of voltages.

  • High stability environmental enclosure
  • X-FEG high-brightness gun
  • Monochromator
  • Probe DCOR+ Corrector (point resolution <0.6Å)
  • Image DCOR+ Corrector (information limit <0.6Å)
  • ChemiSTEM (Super-X) EDS detectors
  • Gatan Quantum ER/965 GIF (<0.14 eV (1s))
  • Dual EELS + Ultrafast shutter system (1000spectra/s)
  • Ceta 16M camera
  • Lorentz lens
  • 60,120,200,300 kV
  • Single- and low-background double-tilt-, Tomography-, and combined in-situheating/biasing holders

Specialist: Dr Magnus Garbrecht (

The JEOL 2200FS is one of the latest 200 kV field emission gun TEMs from JEOL. It provides a high coherence, high-current beam with a narrow energy spread and a current of 0.5 nA in a 1 nm probe. An advanced EDS and STEM system permits point, line scan and area mapping with X-rays and various electron signals. The built-in Omega filter enables energy-filtered imaging and energy loss spectroscopy.

  • Point resolution of 0.23 nm
  • Lattice resolution of 0.1 nm
  • Omega filter for EELS/EFTEM
  • EELS resolution of 0.8 eV
  • Gatan Ultrascan 2 k x 2 k camera
  • STEM using BF (energy-filtered), HAADF and X-ray signals
  • Tomography and in-situ heating capabilities built-in
  • Hollow cone dark field imaging

Specialist: Dr Hongwei Liu (

This 200 kV instrument is configured with a cryo-polepiece, specifically designed for cryo-microscopy and cryo-tomography TEM to high tilts. It uses a high brightness LaB6 electron source. A range of specialized cryo- and tomography holders enable 3-D imaging (tomography) of plunge frozen sections. Gatan large-area and high-resolution cameras are fitted. The instrument is also a useful platform for room temperature 2-D/3-D imaging of thick biological sections and materials specimens.

  • Point resolution of 0.27 nm
  • Lattice resolution of 0.14 nm
  • Gatan Erlangshen (1.35 k x 1.08 k) and Ultrascan (2 k x 2 k) cameras
  • Tomography, in-situ heating, deformation capabilities built-in
  • Tilt angles up to ±80°
  • Gatan cryo, cryo-tomography and double-tilt tomography holders


Dr Hongwei Liu (
Dr Takanori Sato (

This 120 kV TEM is a general purpose TEM for routine biological and materials characterisation. It has a high brightness LaB6 electron source and an easy-to-use interface. A Gatan large-area camera is fitted, enabling effortless imaging. A STEM unit allows bright- and dark-field imaging. A JEOL EDS system makes this an ideal platform for users wishing to carry out routine X-ray microanalysis and elemental profiling and mapping.

  • Point resolution of 0.38 nm
  • Lattice resolution of 0.2 nm
  • Gatan Erlangshen (1.35 k x 1.08 k) camera
  • STEM imaging with BF, DF and X-ray signals
  • JEOL EDS system

Specialist: Dr Hongwei Liu (

The Philips CM12 is a general purpose TEM that is useful in a diverse number of applications like the study of the internal structures of biological systems, the shape and distribution of various particles or the crystallography of materials. The imaging filter can be used to improve the contrast of images or allows for the mapping of elements distributions within a sample.

  • Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Double-tilt holder


Dr Hongwei Liu (
Dr Takanori Sato (

TEM holders

Along with our suite of TEMs, the following range of special TEM holders are currently available:

Gatan 652 Double tilt heating system
Gatan 671DH Single tilt cooling strain system
Gatan 914 High tilt tomography cyrotransfer system
Gatan 915F Double tilt cryotransfer system
Gatan 927 Dual orientation tomography system
Hysitron PI-95 Picoindenter
Hysitron PI-95 Picoindenter with MEMS heater + ECR electrical testing system 


For further information on our TEM capabilities, please contact: