Image visualisation and analysis

Capabilities in advanced data visualisation
Access high-end software packages and computer workstations for data visualisation and data analysis.

3-D Visualisation

3-D image of a beetle

3-D image of a beetle taken in the Micro-CT.

3-D datasets collected from some of our Unit's instruments, eg Micro-CT and confocal microscopes, can be visualised in volume-rendering software such as iMod or Avizo. Stunning 3-D visualisations and movies as well as complex 3D measurements are possible.

Offline data processing

Visualisation of nickel iron

Data and images collected on most of the instruments within the facility can be processed offline. General image processing and data analysis software is available, such as FIJI, Matlab, Digital Micrograph and Avizo as well as dedicated software for Atom Probe (IVAS, PoSAP), Aztec/Inca (EBSD,EDS).