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Welcome to the University of Sydney

Make a successful transition to university life
Congratulations on becoming a new member of the University of Sydney community! There is a lot to learn as you embark. This guide will help you find the information you need as a new student.

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"What are the very first things I need to do to get set up as a student?" - First steps

"How can I make sure I finalise my enrolment with the right subjects for me?" -  Enrolment and academic advice

"Where do I go if I need help with something or need access to support services?"- Getting help and improving your skills

"How can I connect with others and experience everything student life has on offer?" - Making the most of student life

Download the Welcome Guide (domestic version)

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Download the Welcome Guide (international student version)

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A message from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Country

First steps

Tip #1
Complete these tasks as early as you can so you have time to focus on the fun stuff.


Tip #2
Use the Welcome Week Planner to make your schedule so you won't miss any important events. 
Tip #3
Use the checklist sent to your student email account (after you accepted your offer) to make sure you don’t miss any important tasks.

Enrolment and academic advice

Tip #4
There are a lot of new terms at university. Keep this glossary handy to look up anything you’re unsure of. 
Tip #5
Using Sydney Student for the first time can be tricky – always pay close attention to instructions and the information you enter.
Tip #6
If you're not sure, ask for help! Most faculties and schools have academic advisors who can give you advice about planning your course.

Getting help and improving your skills

Tip #7
While you may not need them right now, learn about support services provided early so you know where to go if you ever need them.
Tip #8
Never be afraid to ask for help. There is always support that can help you if you need to speak to someone.
Tip #9
Developing your study skills will help you all the way through your degree. Get ahead by signing up for workshops early in semester.

Making the most of student life

Tip #10
University is a place where you can follow your personal interests and passions. If you're into sport, there are teams to join. If you're into films, there's a club for you. If you're into anything else - go find your people and say hi!
Tip #11
Don’t put off signing up for things, or planning experiences such as studying abroad until later. It’s easy to miss out entirely if you don’t get involved from day one! 
Tip #12
If English isn’t your first language, take up some language classes and learn some uniquely Australian ways of communicating.