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Welcome to the University of Sydney

Make a successful transition to university life
Congratulations on becoming a new member of the University of Sydney community! There is a lot to learn as you embark. This guide will help you find the information you need as a new student.

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"What are the very first things I need to do to get set up as a student?" - First steps

"How can I make sure I finalise my enrolment with the right subjects for me?" -  Enrolment and academic advice

"Where do I go if I need help with something or need access to support services?"- Getting help and improving your skills

"How can I connect with others and experience everything student life has on offer?" - Making the most of student life

Download the Welcome Guide (domestic version)

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Download the Welcome Guide (international student version)

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A message from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Country

First steps

Tip #1
Complete these tasks as early as you can so you have time to focus on the fun stuff.


Tip #2
Use the Welcome Week Planner to make your schedule so you won't miss any important events. 
Tip #3
Use the checklist sent to your student email account (after you accepted your offer) to make sure you don’t miss any important tasks.

Enrolment and academic advice

Tip #4
There are a lot of new terms at university. Keep this glossary handy to look up anything you’re unsure of. 
Tip #5
Using Sydney Student for the first time can be tricky – always pay close attention to instructions and the information you enter.
Tip #6
If you're not sure, ask for help! Most faculties and schools have academic advisors who can give you advice about planning your course.

Getting help and improving your skills

Tip #7
While you may not need them right now, learn about support services provided early so you know where to go if you ever need them.
Tip #8
Never be afraid to ask for help. There is always support that can help you if you need to speak to someone.
Tip #9
Developing your study skills will help you all the way through your degree. Get ahead by signing up for workshops early in semester.

Making the most of student life

Tip #10
Joining a student club is one of the best experiences you can have at uni and now you can do it completely online. Head to our new Virtual Clubs and Societies platform to chat and connect live with members from more than 250 USU clubs with just your Unikey. Join a club that interests you on the spot, or take your time to see what’s on offer across the full program to become a member later.
Tip #11
Don’t put off signing up for things, or planning experiences such as studying abroad until later. It’s easy to miss out entirely if you don’t get involved from day one! 
Tip #12
If English isn’t your first language, take up some language classes and learn some uniquely Australian ways of communicating.