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Census date

It is important you understand what census date is and how it may impact you.

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What is census date

Each unit of study has a census date, based on the session in which it is taught. This is the date when your enrolment in your unit of study is finalised and you become academically and financially liable.

The census date is the last date you will be able to finalise or withdraw from any units of study, finalise your residency status, suspend your studies or discontinue your course without it affecting your grades.

If you discontinue a unit or your course after the census date you will receive a grade of Discontinue fail (DF) and will remain financially liable.

Your fee payment date is always earlier than the census date. You need to pay your tuition fees by the payment due date(s) outlined on your Student Financial Statement.

If you withdraw from a unit of study before the census date and have already paid your fees, you will need to apply for a fee refund.

Domestic Commonwealth supported students

If you’re a Commonwealth supported student, the census date is the final day for you to:

  • submit your Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form
  • provide your Tax File Number (TFN), if eligible
  • make any upfront payments.

If you do not submit a Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form, and provide your TFN or pay your student contribution amount in full by the census date, we will cancel your enrolment as a Commonwealth supported student.

Domestic full fee-paying students

If you’re a domestic full-fee paying student, the census date is the final day for you to:

  • submit your Request for FEE-HELP assistance form, if eligible
  • make any upfront payments if you’re not eligible for FEE-HELP.

International students

If you’re a research student and submit your thesis on or before the census date, you will be eligible for a full refund for that research period. If you submit after the census date, you will be financially liable.

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Last updated: 20 December 2022

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