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A beginner's guide to timetables

Timetable flexibility is one of the best perks of being a uni student. Enjoy your new-found freedom with this guide to the timetable system.

1. Plan ahead

Check out the central timetable for a sneak-peek of when your classes might be scheduled. You can then enter preferences for the classes you’d like to attend, before personal timetables are released, which is usually 4-5 weeks before semester begins. Collect your personal timetable

2. Customise your timetable

As one of 50,000-plus students, you may not get the timetable of your dreamsHowever, our Timetable Unit has spent countless hours doing the maths to make sure you have the best options possible, if you do some tinkering.

Make the most of the system by playing around with your personal timetable to try and get the best possible schedule. Select days and times that you’d like to keep free, or request to change to a specific class. Just don’t hit ‘confirm’ until you’re sure, or you’ll lose your current timetable.  

You have until midnight, 27 January to enter your preferences on the personal timetables website

Find out more about customising your timetable.

3. Don’t forget to take lunch

It can be tempting to try to squeeze all of your classes into a few days, but stacking too many tutorials might deprive you of some of the best parts of student life. Where possible, schedule time for a lunch break.

Lunch is usually the busiest time on campus for all kinds of activities; club events,  BBQs, impromptu dance parties – there's usually something going on you wouldn't want to miss. Plus, asking a classroom acquaintance to join you for coffee or lunch is one of the best ways to make new friends.

4. Manage a timetable clash

At uni, lectures are often recorded and posted on Blackboard or Canvas. This can be helpful if you can’t make a lecture – but don’t assume that you can ‘just miss that class’. 

Not all lectures have recordings online. You can always wait until the first week to find out whether the lectures for a particular unit of study is recorded, and if not, you may need to change subjects.

If you have a timetable clash and are thinking of changing subjects, make sure you also check the central timetable first to figure out if those classes suit you before changing your enrolment. 

5. Allow travel time

One of the first things you’ll realise is that the campus is really, really big. Check the maps to see where your classes are and how much walking time you’ll need to factor in. Getting from one end of Eastern Avenue to the other can take longer than you'd expect (especially if a club is holding a bake sale!).

Classes usually finish five minutes before the hour, and start five minutes after the hour, but they can (and often do) run over. Try your best to avoid scheduling two tutorials back-to-back so you don't end up arriving at your classes out of breath from legging it across campus.

Your timetable will be emailed to you on 28 January 2020. 

Find out more information about viewing, customising and troubleshooting timetables.

Last updated: 17 January 2020

6 February 2017

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