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Timetables are changing next year - what do you need to know?

3 December 2020
More flexibility with your timetable in 2021 with Sydney Timetable

Finding it hard to fit uni in around life? From Semester 1 2021, our brand-new timetabling system, Sydney Timetable, will make it easier for you to plan, schedule and adjust your timetable.

1. Submit your preferences when you have the time to do it

Sydney Timetable is making selecting preferences easier and more transparent. There will be a two-week period where you will be able to submit preferences, and all preferences entered during this window will be treated equally. In the new system, you will be also able to review the popularity of your classes when entering preferences. Once the preferencing window closes, personal timetables will be created. We’ll make sure to give you as many of your preferences as possible whilst also minimising clashes and balancing class numbers.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be assigned all your preferences. However, when you enter your preferences a weighting will be added that will increase your chance of being assigned to your preferred class.

Preferences will be open from 18 January until 2 February. You can keep track of all the important info about our new timetabling system on the Student Website.

2. Swap classes if your allocation doesn't work for you

Don’t worry if your work roster changes and you can’t make that Monday afternoon tutorial anymore. Once your personal timetable has been released, you’ll be able to adjust your class times where there are places available, or make a request to swap if the class you want is full (you'll be moved to the class if a place becomes available). You will be notified by the system when things change, and you'll have until the end of Week 2 to make changes.

3. January and February intensive units are in the system

Sydney Timetable supports these units too. You can find more information about timetables for intensive classes on the Student Website.

4. Check the location for your Semester 1 units

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, many units of study will continue to be available for remote learning (online delivery) during 2021. If you are unable to travel to campus to attend classes, when you enrol for 2021 you will need to select units in Sydney Student where the location is 'RE', meaning Remote. This means your timetable will then only display remote classes (delivered online). Find out more about selecting units in Sydney Student.

5. Where to go for more information

You don't need to do anything for now, but keep an eye on Student News for more information. You can also read the Timetable pages for an overview of the new system and key dates for the 2021 timetable.

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