Our 2017 content highlights


22 October 2017

Heat waves, cooling methods and the research from the Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory

Dr Ollie Jay, from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre, reflects on heatwaves, cooling methods and their impact on vulnerable populations.
10 October 2017

The temporal and spatial scale of coral bleaching: chasing corals

Associate Professor Ana Vila Concejo from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Science and the Geocoastal Research Group from the School of Geosciences, and the Deputy Director of One Tree Island Research Station discusses the importance of the documentary film Chasing Coral in communicating the impact of coral bleaching to the public.
10 May 2017

In the eye of the beholder: a personal story of two seeds

The reef is not dying due to climate change. The reef, and more generally the planet, is being killed by our pathological indifference. The question is ‘why’?
06 April 2017

Bleach-hot reality: the Great Barrier Reef of your childhood is gone, what are you going to do about it?

SEI Honours Research Fellow, Jodie Pall reflects on the Global Warming and the Mass Bleaching of Corals public lecture and highlights the need for action.
28 February 2017

Can the fossil fuel Industry change its spots?

A major difficulty with the climate change debate in Australia is that we have never had an honest discussion about climate change and its real implications.
16 February 2017

Climate politics in the trumpocene – where to now?

A unique opportunity to convene an in-depth discussion among experts and campaigners on the way forward for climate science, policy, law, and advocacy in the Trump era.