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The University of Sydney's Camperdown/Darlington Campus
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About the lab

Working together for a fairer, more secure and more democratic society
The Sydney Policy Lab exists to create surprising and dynamic partnerships between communities, policy-makers and some of the world’s best researchers.

We offer a place where people come together to identify what they share in common and work out how to build change for the future.

In short, the Sydney Policy Lab is a hub for individuals who share a common commitment to the public good and are working towards this.

Together, we’re responding to some of the hardest questions of our age – in areas of equality, belonging and power.

Our non-partisan space brings different worlds together, inspiring open collaboration and building real change for the future.

In a turbulent world, where our communities are being eroded by spiralling inequality and a creeping sense of insecurity, the Sydney Policy Lab is committed to helping anyone who wants to lead social change for the public good.

Building change for the better

A new major multi-disciplinary initiative of the University of Sydney, the lab provides an experimental space for people from all backgrounds to meet with researchers from the University. Working together, we create:

  • opportunities to make a positive difference to many people’s lives, through new ideas for effective and lasting policy change
  • training and events that are designed to enable the sharing of ideas and to generate energetic discussion between people of all backgrounds 
  • a stronger community of changemakers, who can share their challenges and their successes – supporting each other in a community of practice
  • new collaboration that enables us to build truly inclusive coalitions for change across academia, philanthropy, community action, industry and politics.