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Image showing the power of collaboration

Get involved

Welcoming people from all walks of life to learn together
All of our work is done in partnership with institutions who seek to put new ideas into practice. If you’re interested in building a partnership, joining our research teams, or participating in training and events, get in touch.

We turn ideas into action: through original research and analysis through strategy and training that helps our researchers and partners put their ideas into practice; and through public debate that informs our community and holds decisionmakers to account. Our success is driven by your participation and ideas that serve the public good.

The Sydney Policy Lab only works if it's everyone's Lab. We welcome big ideas and questions from people across all walks of life. You can get in touch with the team for advice about your collaborative project. 


If you are a researcher, talk to us about:

Organisations, community groups and government

If you are a business, community group, government body or other organisation interested in learning more about partnering with us, talk to us about:

  • Upskilling through our training and getting strategic advice from our experts


If you are a student, talk to us about:

  • Volunteering to be part of our team on the ground at events, workshops and visits from global leaders