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Our training

Collaborating for change
Our training prepares our researchers and partners to build deep and sustained connections, because we believe that is the only way they will find the power to turn new ideas into reality.

Whether we are trying to create cultural, institutional or policy change, doing it together in a way that makes a real and lasting impact is not easy. Many of us – regardless of where we work or how far advanced we are in our careers – are working without the training we need to be most effective.

The Sydney Policy Lab aims to bridge that gap. We offer various training options for University staff and external partners to equip you with the tools and skills you need to be effective and collaborative.

Our training programs complement training available elsewhere in the University. We offer bespoke sessions and half-day workshops, LabClass on “collaborating beyond the university” designed specifically for university staff, and short drop-in sessions for specific advice.

  • Bespoke sessions and half-day workshops for groups are available on a range of topics, including relationship and coalition building, collaborative research, personal narrative, influencing policy, engaging decision-makers, community organising, speechwriting and public speaking, power analysis, leadership, effective messaging and campaign strategy. Find out more about bespoke training.
  • Our LabClass program provides academic and professional staff at the University with the skills they need to be more impactful in their work on campus and beyond. It covers several of the topics mentioned above and also includes training on how to build the relationships required to collaborate effectively and co-produce policy relevant research. Find out more or express your interest in the LabClass program. Registrations for 2021 sessions are now open for registration.
  • You can also book a slot in our drop-in diary to consult with an expert in the Sydney Policy Lab team about any aspect of your work that involves collaborative policy research or strategic advice. 

Meet our trainers

The Sydney Policy Lab has pioneered training with the very broadest range of communities, equipping people with the tools and mindsets that empower them to engage with people from all walks of life, including civil society, researchers, policymakers, people with lived experience, government, media and industry.

Our team includes trainers with world-class reputations such as Professor Marc Stears and Dr Amanda Tattersall, as well as unparalleled Australian and international trainers, advisors, coaches and practitioners. 

Dr Amanda Tattersall is a well-known community organiser, co-founder of GetUp, founder of the Sydney Alliance, Host of ChangeMakers podcast, and Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney

Professor Marc Stears has an international reputation as one of the leading scholars of democratic change and social movements. Prior to arriving in Sydney in 2018, Marc had been Professor of Political Theory at the University of Oxford and Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation, one of the UK’s largest think tanks.