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29 September 2020

Art School on the move

As the SCA invigorates our main campus with its creative disciplines and dynamic sense of community, we take a fresh look at all the prestigious art school has to offer.
28 September 2020

More than fiscal stimulus: an alternate plan to reboot the economy

Assembled by the Sydney Policy Lab, businesses, community groups, unions and academics have united to propose an alternative economic strategy and future for Australia.
24 September 2020

"If I’m not at the table I’m on the menu"

When Bindi Bennett was asked to contribute to a book about working across difference in social work, she hoped to change academic publishing. If she was going to write a chapter on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, she also wanted to join the team of editors.
24 September 2020

New strategic partnership to strengthen Australian civil society

COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated social and economic issues in Australian society. The Sydney Policy Lab and the Paul Ramsay Foundation will work with civil society organisations to learn how to address these issues now, and into the future.
22 September 2020

COVID-19 and Gender in the South-East Asian Private Sector

Early data shows that women and girls have fared worse than men and boys. Without the right policy responses, writes Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill, progress on gender equality risks being set back decades.
22 September 2020

Dual burden of malnutrition in India's wealthy households

University of Sydney researcher Dr Chandana Maitra is helping to shed light on the complex problem of malnutrition in India - a problem she says has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.
21 September 2020

Grad artist spotlight: Dean Cross

Dean was a dancer when he arrived at the SCA. Determined to push himself creatively, he studied sculpture within his BVA. Today, he’s one of the most active visual artists in the country, working across installation, sculpture and photography.
17 September 2020

Social Work grad in action: Making a difference in marginalised communities

Based on his own experiences as a refugee, Murray passionately believed in human rights and social justice well before attending uni. By undertaking a BSW he gained the formal training to effectively support and advocate for individuals from a diversity of backgrounds.
14 September 2020

Arts grad at work: Promoting research at the Lowy Institute

As a student, Salina took up every opportunity at uni – interning at the European Australian Business Council, studying in Washington DC and interning for a US Senator. Now, as a young grad working at a leading political think tank, these professional experiences are paying off.
10 September 2020

Two overlooked ways to boost the economy

Enhanced investment in care industries like education and health will simultaneously help women and the economy, Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill finds.