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29 April 2020

How behavioural economics insights can aid COVID-19 compliance

To avoid a second wave of the coronavirus, Australians must continue to comply with 'stay at home' and other health-related orders. Professor Robert Slonim and colleagues explain a way to help achieve this.
29 April 2020

Sydney researchers win grant to counter online foreign interference

Researchers from the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) have been awarded $100,000 by the Department of Defence to strengthen Australia’s ability to identify and intercept information warfare.
28 April 2020

Experts examine the COVID-19 tracing app

University of Sydney academics from the disciplines of cybersecurity, media, law and health comment on COVIDSafe, the COVID-19 contact tracing app released by the federal government.
28 April 2020

Eddie Woo's study tips for year 12 and the HSC during coronavirus

While HSC students are poised to make a gradual return to classrooms over the coming weeks, studies will continue to be disrupted this year. We asked one of the country's best teachers to share his advice on how to learn and study at home.
24 April 2020

Marriage of disciplines traces the journey of a bird flu virus

Australian anthropologist Holly High travelled to Laos for field work in 2018, taking her children and her husband, a veterinarian and epidemiologist. The plan was he would help care for the children and continue his studies, while she did her research. When they unwittingly bought chickens carrying bird flu, they had an unplanned opportunity to combine their skills.
23 April 2020

An extract from Stephen Garton's 'The Cost of War'

In Chapter 1 of his new book, Professor of History and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Stephen Garton writes of soldiers' feelings upon their return from battle.
21 April 2020

A war, then a pandemic: remembering veteran alumni from 1919

Between 1918-19, the Spanish flu devastated Australia, including many of its World War One veterans. Here are the stories of two of them, who were also University of Sydney alumni.
20 April 2020

ARC Linkage Projects success for Sydney researchers

University of Sydney projects have been awarded more than $2 million in funding in the latest rounds of Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects outcomes.
15 April 2020

Sydney researchers develop NSW COVID-19 hotspot database

By pinpointing COVID-19 cases by postcode and socio-economic status, the researchers hope to enable the government to easily identify areas at risk of greater community transmission, as well as relax quarantine measures on a postcode-by-postcode basis.
14 April 2020

US COVID-19 deaths "poorly predicted" by IHME model

An international group of data scientists led by the University of Sydney's Centre for Translational Data Science has found that over 70 percent of US states had death rates that were inconsistent with IHME predictions.