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03 December 2020

5 reasons to study a Master of Economics

The Master of Economics will give you the skills and theoretical background to enter or continue in the fields of economics, econometrics and finance, tailored to your needs.
03 December 2020

5 reasons why you should study a Master of Media Practice

The Master of Media Practice provides you with the skills, knowledge and insider tips to succeed in a range of journalism and media production environments.
27 November 2020

Vale Jim Wolfensohn

Following his passing in New York, the University pays tribute to renowned lawyer, economist, philanthropist and alumnus James Wolfensohn.
27 November 2020

Seven researchers elected to prestigious academies

The new fellows are elected in recognition of their distinguished achievement in humanities, computer science, and biomedical and materials engineering.
25 November 2020

On breaking barriers and overcoming your greatest challenges

Economics and Law alumna, Kerry Chikarovski shares her pathway into politics and the leadership lessons she has learnt along the way.
25 November 2020

Bigger Brother is watching

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949, is more famous than ever today for its predictions of political surveillance, censorship and disinformation. Despite its prescience, Peter Marks, Professor of English at the University of Sydney, argues that the novel should not be read as a despairing dystopia but as a universal “go-to resistance text”.
18 November 2020

Is it time for Australians to stop cooking with gas?

It is time for a serious rethink on the way many of us cook and heat our homes, writes Dr Madeline Taylor and Professor Susan Park from the Sydney Environment Institute.
18 November 2020

In-country learning online: Experiencing Italy from home

From language workshops to cultural tours, two students share how they got a taste of Italy through our first-ever virtual OLE in-country unit.
17 November 2020

What belonging and security feel like for young people in out-of-home care

A University of Sydney research project asked young people with foster care backgrounds: 'what does 'permanency' mean to you?' Their answers, in photographs and words, have been collated into a book that the researchers hope will inform government policy.
16 November 2020

ARC success for University of Sydney researchers

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced University of Sydney researchers will receive funding for more than 50 new Linkage and Discovery projects.