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04 September 2020

Democracy in crisis

John Keane appears to be ageing better than the institutions of democracy he has studied for much of his career. At three score and 11 years, the prolific international scholar recently published his 17th solo-authored book, The New Despotism, and warns that the differences between post-1945 democracy and despotism are rapidly blurring.
04 September 2020

A reason to track your backyard snails

Snails' small presence - physically and in our consciousness - belies their outsized predicament and significance to ecosystems. Associate Professor Thom van Dooren and his colleagues want to highlight this through an inclusive, interactive citizen science project.
01 September 2020

Arts grad at work: Covering Asia for The Sydney Morning Herald

It’s been a whirlwind since graduation for the award-winning alum. After securing a cadetship with Fairfax, Eryk quickly rose through the reporting ranks – covering education, federal politics and now, China and Northeast Asia.
28 August 2020

Education grad at work: Doing what you love in Early Childhood teaching

Melissa was initially a little unsure what she wanted to study. Discovering the importance of Early Childhood teaching quickly led to a passion she followed at uni. It was the right call: she describes it now as one of her "most rewarding experiences".
27 August 2020

Economics grad at work: From call centre to Head of Australian Research

Eliza Owen began uni as an "English and drama kid". Determined to understand the issues that shape society, she improved her maths skills through study and committed to her part time job. She’s now one of the most respected economists working today.
27 August 2020

Student entrepreneurs design solutions to real-world problems

University supports student entrepreneurs to take their big idea to the next level.
25 August 2020

COVID-19 disrupting clinical trials, changing ‘essential’ cancer treatments

Suspended research and testing, the rise of telehealth, and new economic considerations are among the effects of COVID-19 on cancer care in Australia and the US.
21 August 2020

Apple, Google and Fortnite's stoush is a big tech arm wrestle

There has been a clash of clans in mobile gaming, with angry birds Apple, Google and Epic Games in a saga over in-app payments. Dr Marcus Carter and Dr Kyle Moore, our Fortnite experts, explain why.
20 August 2020

Teaching the joy of learning

As she describes it, Associate Professor Marian Vidal-Fernandez is not your typical academic. Her career in academia was not by design, but one she fell into.
20 August 2020

Drilled Alaska: experts comment on Trump's oil and gas plan

The US Department of the Interior has approved oil and gas drilling in Alaska's pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. University of Sydney experts comment on the possible impact on the environment, Native Peoples and animal populations.