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Commerce degree electives

Table A, Table S, Table O and Table D electives

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce, and the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies can complete elective units of study from the subject areas listed in Table A (Business School), Table S (shared pool), and Table O (Open learning environment). Students enrolled in the Dalyell stream are also able to complete additional units from Table D (Dalyell stream) as electives for their degree.

The available units of study are listed in Table A of this handbook and Table STable O and Table D in the Interdisciplinary studies handbook.

Table A elective opportunities for Commerce students

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce, the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, and the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws have the opportunity to complete a variety of elective units working with industry community projects or exchange study at an overseas university.

1. Work Integrated learning (WIL)

(i) Industry Placement Program (IPP)

Students who achieve a WAM of 60%+ across two semesters of full-time study (a minimum of eight units of study – 48 credit points) may apply for an assessable work-integrated learning placement unit. Access to these units is subject to the availability of suitable placements, with available placements offered on a competitive basis, subject to WAM performance and an interview.

The Business School's Industry Placement Program (IPP) offers placement opportunities across the following areas:

  • Sydney – placements with Sydney based organisations
  • International

Note: Placement units cannot be counted towards a major.

Further information on the Industry Placement Program (IPP) can be found on the Internships, industry placements and experience page.

(ii) Experience in industry

Students who have completed one full semester of full-time study (a minimum of four units of study – 24 credit points) may apply to have their self-sourced placement (if eligible) approved as six elective credit points towards their degree.

Further information on self-sourced placements, including placement requirements and application information, can be found on the Industry Placement Program page.

2. Study Abroad and Exchange

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce, and the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies have the opportunity to participate in the Study Abroad or Exchange Program. The Business School is committed to supporting students' personal and professional growth opportunities through international experiences. Therefore, we have agreements with many of the world’s leading universities to enable students the opportunity to incorporate either an exchange program or semester of independent study abroad into their degree.

For further details please refer to the Study Abroad and Exchange page.

3. Other placements and other study opportunities

The Business School also offers other opportunities from time to time for students to participate in immersion programs, practicums or other placements such as the Business Practicum Program, Future of Business study tours and the Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) Program.

For details of which opportunities are available to students, please visit the student experience page on the Business School website.