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Industry Placement Program

If you are enrolled in a degree in the Business School, the Industry Placement Program (IPP) gives you the opportunity to work for a leading firm as part of your degree.

  1. Overview and eligibility
  2. How to apply

Overview and eligibility

COVID-19 update: changes to program delivery

COVID-19 restrictions may impact upon WIL Hub programs and program delivery modes may change at short notice. Students should check with the WIL Hub team before enrolment, accepting offers, or paying program fees (additional to tuition fees) for international placements. It's important you understand how restrictions may impact your specific program.

For Local and Self-sourced Placement Programs, placements will be considered for in-person and remote Australian-based placements provided the University’s COVID-19 guidelines are in place. Not all host organisations will offer remote placements, so students should consider their individual circumstances and potential COVID-19 restrictions before committing to a placement. The University will always follow NSW public health orders and students are expected to comply with these orders.

Some host organisations may request evidence of vaccination against coronavirus. The NSW Government has made public health orders requiring certain workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Before you commit to a placement you should check the latest requirements.

If you're currently participating in Local, International or Self-sourced Placement Programs, you should refer to your unit of study Canvas announcements for COVID-19 impacts to these subjects. If you have any questions, contact your unit of study coordinator.

The Industry Placement Program offers placements with local firms in Sydney and international firms in China and the United States. All programs have standard unit of study fees and international programs also involve a program fee.

During your local placement, you will work at least three days a week for 10 weeks during semester, or an equivalent number of hours over the summer break.

Completing the program provides credit towards your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, as an elective unit of study. It cannot count towards your major/specialisation. You need to ensure you have sufficient room in your degree to complete the program.

You need to apply and have been offered an industry placement before you can enrol in the unit. Acceptance onto the program does not guarantee a placement will be available. The Business School may decide to withdraw a student’s application.

Check the application deadline for your chosen program, as late applications will not be accepted.

The Local Industry Placement Program gives you the opportunity to earn 6 credit points towards your degree. You will work part time (unpaid) for 10 weeks during semester and six weeks full time during the summer break.

During your placement you’ll work on projects which allow you to apply the knowledge and theory gained through your degree. You'll work in an authentic business setting with a supervisor on co-negotiated business-related work tasks/projects.

Local Industry Placement Program Semester 1, 2023
Placement duration Week 2 to Week 10 (3 days per week)

Information session

4-5pm, 2 August 2022 Sydney local time via Zoom

Registrations for the information session open 9am, 11 July and close 5pm, 28 July 2022.

You'll be able to access a recording of the session through the Work Integrated Learning Canvas site

Application deadlines

Applications open 9am, 1 August 2022 Sydney local time

Applications close 12pm, 11 August 2022 Sydney local time

Online interview

Interview link sent out 9am, 12 August 2022 Sydney local time

Interview deadline 11:59pm, 14 August 2022 Sydney local time

Assessment centres

Proposed dates are 5 – 16 September 2022 (TBC)

All assessment activities will be online

Compulsory pre-placement training

First week of Semester 1 2023 (dates TBC)

Financial assistance

Find out more about the Local Industry Placement Program bursaries and scholarships. All of our placements are unpaid in order to meet the Fair Work Act.

The International Placement Program offers placements in China (Shanghai) during the winter break and the United States (Los Angeles and San Francisco) over the summer break. All international programs have an additional program fee.

COVID-19 notice

The University strongly recommends that students make their own inquiries and consider carefully all relevant circumstances if they are considering participating in this program.

In the context of COVID-19, strict border controls, local quarantine requirements and other restrictions applying to domestic travel within China are likely to continue for some time. Students may be required to quarantine in Shanghai for 14 days prior to commencement of the placement, and/or if they are identified as being a close or casual contact during the placement, at their own personal expense. Students may also be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to commencing their placement.

In the event that the program is cancelled by the University prior to commencement of the program due to COVID-19, students will receive a 100% refund of the program fee only. The University will not be liable for any personal expenses incurred by students.

Students who participate in this program accept that they have considered the relevant circumstances and agree that the University has no liability in relation to their decision.

Mainland China

The China Industry Placement Program is on hold for Winter 2022.

Students will work full time for 6 weeks with their allocated host organisation in addition to completing the relevant assessment tasks associated with the respective unit of study during their non-working hours. Students will be supported by a leading academic from the Business School while undertaking their placement experience. The China Placement Program is targeted towards students with the required work visas and language skills to allow them to work with international organisations at their offices based in China. This program has a program fee in addition to the unit of study fee. Due to the high cost of accommodation in Shanghai, risk policy and management requirements, the University will arrange accommodation for students. The cost of the accommodation will be significantly subsidised by the Business School through a reduction in the required program fee. All participating students are required to stay in the accommodation organised by the University.

In addition to a minimum WAM of 60, you will need to have completed at least 48 credit points of undergraduate business units or 24 credit points of postgraduate business units before going on placement. You will also need spoken and written Mandarin, and a valid Chinese passport. You must be physically located in China to participate in the program. A minimum number of participants will be required for the program to proceed.

You will receive 6 credit points towards your degree for successfully completing the program.

United States

The US Industry Placement Program is not scheduled to run over Summer 2022.

The Business School offers Business School students the opportunity to undertake a 6-week professional placement in Los Angeles or San Francisco.


To be eligible to apply you need to be enrolled in one of the following Business School degrees and maintain a WAM of 60 (or above). You will need to have completed a minimum of 48 credit points of undergraduate business units or 24 credit points of postgraduate business units before you begin the program.

Industry placement program

China Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees), Master of Commerce, Master of Commerce (Extension), Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations or Master of Professional Accounting
US Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees), Master of Commerce, Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations or Master of Professional Accounting
Local Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees), Master of Commerce, Master of Commerce (Extension), Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management or Master of Professional Accounting.

Enrolment into the program or unit of study is competitive. If you are eligible to apply, you will also be required to complete an online and/or face-to-face group interview with selection criteria based on business acumen, teamwork, leadership, business communication and critical thinking.

You can only participate in one Business School placement program throughout the course of your degree i.e., Local Industry Placement Program, International Industry Placement Program or other related programs with approval from the Business School. You will only be awarded a second placement opportunity in exceptional circumstances. You can contact us if you need more information on this.

In addition, you can also participate in a study tour/business practicum/project-based unit and/or the Self-sourced Placement Program if your degree will accommodate you enrolling in more than one program.

If you have exceptional circumstances or require clarification please email

Financial assistance

There are limited bursaries and scholarships available for the Industry Placement Programs that you can apply for in order to receive financial assistance for the program. This includes the Dalyell Global Mobility Scholarship, which is available to eligible international Dalyell Scholars. All of our placements are unpaid in order to meet the Fair Work Act.

If you've previously received a scholarship or funding (including a Business School scholarship, NCP, Endeavour, Vice-Chancellor's Global Mobility Scholarship) for any Business School work integrated learning unit of study, you will only be awarded a second scholarship or funding in exceptional circumstances. Priority will be given to students participating in their first work integrated learning unit of study.

In recognition of the value that experiential learning adds to the development of a student’s employability skills, the Business School is offering the opportunity to earn credit for a paid placement, unpaid placement, or voluntary work that you have sourced yourself.

Placements need to be relevant to your business studies and meet the relevant learning outcomes for the unit of study. As a part of the application process, you will need to demonstrate how your work experience is relevant to your degree.

You will receive 6 credit points towards your degree by successfully completing the relevant Business School unit of study (BWIL2150 for undergraduate students and BWIL6150 for postgraduate students). The unit requires you to undertake your work placement as well as academic coursework.

A minimum enrolment number is required for the unit to proceed. If minimum numbers are not met the unit may be cancelled. If you have secured a placement at the time the unit is cancelled, you will be provided with the opportunity to be moved into the Industry Placement Program.

Program eligibility

The program is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. You will need to have completed a minimum of 24 credit points of business units before you begin the program.

Undergraduate students enrolled in any major in a Business School degree (or combined Business School degree) are eligible to enrol.

Postgraduate students enrolled in the following degrees are eligible to apply:

  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations
  • Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Master of International Business

The Self-sourced Placement Program is an elective unit of study worth 6 credit points and cannot count towards a major/specialisation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have room in your degree to undertake this unit.

Placement conditions

The placement can be for a current or different role within a workplace where you are currently employed, but it must:

  • meet the criteria for a placement as determined by the Business School WIL Hub placement team
  • be related to your studies
  • provide adequate supervision.

The following situations are not permitted:

  • working within your family business or where a member of your immediate family (parents, step-parents, spouse, partner or sibling) will be the work placement supervisor
  • workplaces/organisations with fewer than five staff employed
  • retail assistant roles
  • hospitality front of house roles such as bar attendants and waiters.
  • work involving any illegal activity
  • jobs that offer less than award wages (if it is a paid internship)
  • jobs offered by a foreign employer offering work in Australia who does not have an established Australian office
  • a role in a tobacco company
  • work that will take place at a residential address other than working from home arrangement approved by WIL Hub

Make sure you read the student responsibilities statement to ensure you understand those responsibilities. Refer to the Business School Handbook for the requirements of your degree.

How to apply

To apply for the Self-sourced Placement Program:

  1. Select the relevant units in Sydney Student:
    • BWIL2150 for undergraduate students
    • BWIL6150 for postgraduate students

    Once you are enrolled, the WIL Hub placements team will email you with further information about the application process.

  2. Source your placement
  3. Apply via the Sonia Online platform. We’ll send you instructions on how to do this once you have enrolled in the unit.

    As part of your Sonia application, you will be asked to include:

    • details of your placement and host organisation
    • a statement outlining how your work experience is relevant to your degree
  4. If your placement meets the requirements, we'll send your host organisation placement paperwork to complete. Once we receive the completed paperwork, we will notify you if your placement has been approved.

    You'll be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours and a maximum of 210 hours placement during the semester. Your host organisation must be based in Australia and all paperwork must be approved by the end of Week 2 of semester.

If you have any questions about the program you can contact us at

Financial assistance

If you are unable to do the self-sourced placement program due to financial constraints, the Business School offer a limited number of scholarships that you may apply for.

Eligible students who have previously received a scholarship/funding (including Business School scholarship, NCP, Endeavour, VC Global Mobility scholarship) for any Business School work integrated learning unit of study will only be awarded a second scholarship/funding in exceptional circumstances. Priority will be given to students participating in their first work integrated learning unit of study.

Local and International Programs

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Last updated: 17 June 2022

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