Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise)

Table of postgraduate units of study: Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise).

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Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise)

Students must complete 72 credit points of units of study, comprising:
(i) 66 credit points in core units of study; and
(ii) 6 credit points in capstone units of study

Units of study for the degree

Core units of study

Leadership Practice and Development
6    N SMBA6001
Semester 2
Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership
6    A Basic cultural competence will be considered as 'assumed knowledge' necessary to successfully complete the unit. Link to a USyd online module is provided on Canvas
C FMBA5001
N SMBA6005
Semester 2
Creativity, Innovation and Business
6    C FMBA5001
N SMBA6115
Intensive November
Nature of Systems
6    C FMBA5001
Intensive November
Strategies for Growth
6    N SMBA6002
MBA Session 1
Financial Management
6    N SMBA6004
MBA Session 1
Innovation in Strategic Marketing
6    N SMBA6006
Semester 1b
Data Analytics and Modelling
6    N SMBA6003
Semester 1b
Leading Business Innovation
6    N SMBA6114
Intensive August
Leading in a Digital World
6      Intensive August
Building Global Capability
6      Intensive October

Elective units of study (optional)

Business Sustainability Project
   P FMBA5001 and FMBA5002 and FMBA5003 and FMBA5004
C FMBA5005 and FMBA5006 and FMBA5007 and FMBA5008

Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Refer to the unit of study outline
Intensive July
Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Intensive October
Semester 2

Capstone unit of study

Design-led Strategy: Business Capstone
6    N SMBA6201
Intensive November