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Business Analytics

Business Analytics introduces students to the quantitative methods they will need to thrive in the modern business world. Business Analytics is concerned with using business data to develop new insights and understanding. This involves being able to extract and summarise information from the rich data sets readily available in today's business environment; to analyse this data in a way that leads to useful models of both the operations and the environment of a business; and to respond appropriately as managers to quantitative information and quantitative models, and as such be able to make better business decisions.

As well as being useful in their own right, these skills in business analytics also enhance the effectiveness in the workplace of graduates majoring in other business disciplines. A range of electives is offered to allow students to select topics in business statistics, in machine learning, in operations management and in decision sciences.

Options for studying Business Analytics

Major and minor in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is available as Table A major and minor options in the Bachelor of Commerce, the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Commerce.

The Business Analytics major and minor are also available to students not enrolled in a Commerce degree through the shared pool (Table S) - see the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook for details.

Please note. Students cannot complete both a major and a minor in Business Analytics for their degree.

The requirements for a major or minor in Business Analytics can be found in the Unit of study table.

Honours in Business Analytics

Honours study in business analytics is available to eligible students. For eligibility requirements and details of the admissions application process, students should refer to the Current Students Honours page.

The units of study required for Honours in Business Analytics can be found in the Honours unit of study table

Major learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Business Analytics major students will be able to:

Major learning outcome
1. Apply key theories and concepts in business analytics to business decisions.
2. Utilise and identify limitations of various analytical and statistical tools and techniques in analysing business data.
3. Critically evaluate information, data and research from a range of academic sources and media, use appropriate terminology, and apply adequate statistical reporting methods in oral and written communication.
4. Explain current trends in business analytics and their implications for various stakeholders.
5. Apply business knowledge from various disciplines to enable effective analyses of business data and to inform and for project management.
6. Program by using contemporary software and applying appropriate business analytics knowledge and techniques.
7. Statistically measure and analyse relationships between business variables via a range of quantitative models and methods.
8. Predict the future behaviour of relevant business variables using relevant business analytics techniques.
9. Collaborate effectively as a professional team member by valuing and supporting contributions from diverse perspectives in regards to business analytics problems.

Further information

For further information regarding study in business analytics at the University of Sydney, please refer to the Study business analytics page.