The beautiful wooden ceiling of our wool room


Fostering international understanding and friendship since 1967
International House aims to provide a welcoming environment for students from all over the world who are studying at the University of Sydney.

Our mission

To promote a diverse and inclusive university community where experiences and knowledge are shared. International House aims to encourage mutual respect and understanding among residents and wider communities, and to develop authentic international perspectives, far-reaching global networks, and lifelong friendships.

Our history

International House was officially opened in 1967 following extensive fundraising by Rotary with assistance fom the University of Sydney Representative Council and the the University itself. The first Director, Mr Graeme de Graaff, was appointed on 1st February 1965 and the official opening of the house (main building) was on 16 June 1967 for 125 residents. Read more.


Sydney University International House is governed according to a constitution approved by the Senate of the University who appoint a Council. The role of the International House Council is to approve policy, oversee the operations of International House and provide advice to the Director. At present, while International House is suspended, the role of the Council is to provide advice to the University on plans for its redevelopment.

Membership of the Council is specified by the International House constitution and at present is:

  • Chair: Jackie Korhonen
  • Deputy Chair: Greg Houseman
  • Council Members: Craig Collie; Matthew Toohey; Fran Waugh
  • Rotary Representatives: Sue Hayward; Bill Salter; Peter Ward
  • Senate Representative: Jason Yat-Sen Li
  • SUIHAA chair: Karen Rowe-Nurse
  • and ex-officio: The Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor, and Vice-Chancellor

Past Directors of Sydney University International House:

  • 1967-1987 Graeme De Graaff
  • 1987-1999 Geoffrey C. S. Andrews
  • 1999-2002 Ruth Shatford AM
  • 2002-2021 Jessica Carroll

International House Members Association (IHMA)

During the operation of International House, the International House Members Association organises sporting and social events such as the famous International Night concert.  The IHMA executive is elected by and from the current community of residents.  IHMA is now suspended until International House resumes operation.