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High School Outreach Program

Your gateway from high school to university
Explore your interests in medicine and health at one of our high school outreach programs. We offer practical, unique-learning opportunities for high school students and their teachers.

About the program

Our High School Outreach Program aims to create meaningful partnerships with a diverse range of high schools - including, but not limited to those from Western Sydney and lower socio-economic and disadvantaged areas.

The program consists of five core activities:

A team of medical scientists, including a School of Medical Sciences academic as well as post-doctoral researchers and higher degree research (HDR) and honours students, will showcase a real-world medical research problem relevant to the stage 6 curriculum.

Students will have the opportunity to network with University of Sydney students and discover what studying at the university is like.

Stage 5 students will visit the University of Sydney Westmead campus for a day of neuroscience, medical and nursing student training activities. This includes:

  • a guided tour through Westmead Hospital and the new, state-of-the-art teaching spaces, 
  • an interactive lecture, 
  • neuroscience workshops, and 
  • virtual reality simulation demonstrations.

Morning tea and lunch are provided.

Stage 6 students will visit the University of Sydney Camperdown campus for a 'day in the life of a University of Sydney Undergraduate student'. This includes:

  • a guided tour through the Camperdown campus, 
  • a traditional lecture in the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC), 
  • a hands-on practical class in the cutting-edge CPC X lab, and
  • activities in the Ainsworth Interactive Collection of Medical Pathology (Pathology Musuem).

Morning tea and lunch are provided.

A selected number of stage 6 students are invited to a special seminar given by a high-profile medical scientist followed by lunch with the speaker. Speakers have included Professors Sharon Lewin (AO) and Edward Holmes (FRS).

Stage 6 extension science students will attend a day-long camp to learn techniques to analyse large datasets.

Program leads

Teacher testimonials

Michelle Cook
Michelle Cook, Head of Science at St Paul's Grammar School
"Partnering with the Faculty of Medicine and Health's High School Outreach Program has inspired and encouraged our students in their educational journey and has provided our teachers opportunities for professional development."

Daniel Bateman
Dr Daniel Bateman, Curriculum Coordinator (Statistics and Data) at Parramatta Marist High School
"It has been both personally and professionally rewarding to be working closely with world experts to improve the educational experiences of our students."

Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen, Head of Science at Strathfield South High School
"The opportunity to speak to university staff and students through these activities has been most effective in engaging our students in conversations about their future career choices in medicine and health."