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28 February 2024

Sydney attracts top research talent with innovative Fellowships

Unprecedented investment in appointment of 40 research fellows across a range of disciplines.
27 February 2024

Nicotine pouches are being marketed to young people on social media

It's not surprising that the tobacco industry is introducing more products to maintain its future revenue stream as reforms restrict access to vaping products, writes Associate Professor Becky Freeman in The Conversation.
23 February 2024

No clear link between weather and common muscle and joint symptoms

There is no clear connection between the weather and back, knee or hip pain, a University of Sydney led study has found, challenging a common belief that changes in weather parameters, such as temperature and humidity can trigger musculoskeletal pain or arthritis.
21 February 2024

Study examines medical mystery of child hepatitis outbreak

A world-first analysis of a sudden global outbreak of hepatitis in children finds although the primary suspect is highly likely to be an infection by multiple viruses, many questions still puzzle researchers.
16 February 2024

Sydney researchers awarded over $22 million in MRFF grants

Medical researchers from the University of Sydney have received funding from the Australian Government's Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to support research across 14 projects.